“Know-how with differences” (Grenoble)

Address: Grenoble Alpes University, House of Languages ​​and Cultures, Jacques Cartier Room

Interdisciplinary and international meeting co-organized by UMR Litt&Arts (Axe 2) and ILCEA4.

This day has the double objective of extending the reflections on hospitality and reception currently raised by multidisciplinary research on the phenomena of migration, and of exploring theoretical and practical reflections on cultural translation, and in particular literary translation.

It is organized in two directions. The first is part of a “research-action” approach by addressing the action of the Maisons de la sage-Traduire association (founded in 2017 by Barbara Cassin and Danièle Wozny) and the issues of translation from a perspective of welcome and support, with professionals working in associations and universities. The second focuses on literary writing and translation in a multilingual context. Its starting point is the project of the bilingual edition (French/English) of the “proème” Clamor/Clameur (2021) by Hocine Tandjaoui, a writer born in Algeria in 1949 and living in Paris. He will be present, along with his two translators, Olivia C. Harrison (University of Southern California) and Teresa Villa-Ignacio (Stonehill College).

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Co-hosted by Myriam Geiser (ILCEA4), Laura Reeck (Guest Professor at ILCEA4 and Litt&Arts, Allegheny College) and Pascale Roux (Litt&Arts), this day is part of the “Translation-creation workshop” program of the SFR Creation.