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Know the disease that kills one in seven men

MEXICO CITY – In Mexico, it is estimated that every day 15 men die of prostate cancer, so the Alliance Joining Forces against Prostate Cancer seeks to promote a national strategy to combat it.
This was stated by the oncologist Samuel Rivera, who indicated that this condition is one of the first types of carcinoma in men over 60 years of age, due to malignancy, says the news portal Excelsior.
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One in seven men will develop prostate cancer at some stage of their life. In addition, seven out of 10 detect it at an advanced stage, "said the former president of the Mexican Society of Oncology.

Given these results, the specialist stressed the importance of timely diagnosis of this type of cancer, as well as comprehensive care of patients during the early stages.

As the disease progresses, the treatments will be less effective, in addition to affecting the family economy, "he said.

Samuel Rivera said that people with a family history or who are black, should be studied from 45 years of age. For its part, people without any reference will have to do so at age 50.
Among the symptoms of prostate cancer are difficulty urinating and decrease or excess of it, the latter leads people to wake up more often during the night to go to the bathroom.
The expert stressed that it is necessary to have trained medical personnel to be able to detect the symptoms of prostate cancer, in order to offer a better quality of life to patients.
For its part, the director of the Mexican Association for the Fight against Cancer, Mayra Galindo Leal, called on society to break down the paradigms surrounding male health, given that mortality figures for prostate cancer increase

It is time for men to take charge of their health, they deserve to have all the tools to deal with their illnesses, "said Galindo Leal, at a press conference.

He pointed out that the alliance, formed by the academy, medical societies and civil society organizations, will seek to promote a national strategy to combat this condition.
Mayra Galindo mentioned that they are in contact with those responsible for the health sector of the next government, who will be presented with the document "National Strategy Against Prostate Cancer" to be the basis of an effective policy against the disease. .


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