A ticket lasts between 4 and 15 years, and a coin can circulate for 50 years, it is frightening to think about the amount of bacteria that accumulates money over time. Experts and scientists investigated what types of diseases could go along with money that is manipulated daily (Also read: Learn about the causes and treatments of constipation) Scientific American magazine reports that the flu virus, E. coli bacteria (can cause diarrhea and genital infections), the bacterium Corynebacterium Diphtearie (Diphtheria infections with sore throat and fever), fungus, anthrax, drugs (mainly cocaine and heroin) and traces of DNA from different animals (Also read: Sleeping makes you more alert and improves mental health) Although it is not 100% proven that Infectious diseases are acquired when handling cash, but you are more likely to touch coins or bills before eating to touch any other contaminated object and then eat. If you want to receive this and other information on your cell phone download Telegram, enter the link https : //t.me/globovision_oficial and click + Join. Also follow our profile on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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