Know where you are [2022]

If you’re active on Snapchat, you’ve probably noticed the little emojis that appear next to your friends’ names in the chat tab. But do you know the meaning of Snapchat emojis?

Do not be afraid ! We are here to help. In this blog post, we’ll decipher Snapchat emoji so you can understand your friendships (and other relationships) better than ever before.

What are Snapchat emojis?

Snapchat emoticons are emojis that appear next to Snapchat usernames in your friends list. They also appear next to Snapchat Stories on the Discover page.

These emojis are assigned based on interactions with other Snapchat users. Snapchat tracks how often you interact with someone and gives them emojis based on that interaction.

The most common Snapchat emojis are pink heart, red heart, yellow heart, grimacing face, sunglasses face, and fire emoji.

Meaning of Snapchat emoji 2022

Here’s what emojis mean on Snapchat.

Baby emoticons πŸ‘Ά

Baby emoji are Snapchat’s way of indicating that you and that person are new Snapchat friends. You’ll see a baby emoji next to someone’s name when you first befriend them on Snapchat.

After being friends on Snapchat for a while, the baby emoji will disappear and be replaced by one of the other Snapchat friendship emojis.

Golden Star Emoji 🌟

Gold star emojis appear next to your Snapchat friends’ names if they’ve played your Snaps in the last 24 hours.

If you see a gold star emoji next to a friend’s name, that means they found your photo interesting. Depending on your relationship, seeing a golden star can be a great conversation starter.

Yellow heart emoji πŸ’›

A yellow heart emoji means you and that Snapchat user are best friends. This is the person you most often exchange photos with (and perhaps share your deepest secrets). If you see a yellow heart next to someone’s name, it means you’re officially #besties.

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Red heart emoticon ❀️

Heart emojis indicate that you have been best friends with another user for two consecutive weeks. Snapchat considers the person you’ve exchanged the most snaps with as your “best friend.” Seeing a red heart next to someone’s name means your Snapchat relationship is strong!

Emoticon with pink hearts πŸ’•

If you manage to maintain the friendship for two months or more, Snapchat will reward you with Super BFF emoji. You will see two pink hearts next to your friend’s name. This is the ultimate confirmation of your Snapchat friendship.

Emoticon birthday cake πŸŽ‚

The birthday cake emoji appears next to your friend’s name on their birthday. Snapchat will also send you a notification the same day, so you can be sure to wish them a happy birthday.

Smiley face emoticon 😊

The smiley face emoji on Snapchat means that you and that person are sending a lot of snaps to each other. It’s Snapchat’s way of saying you’re close friends.

Emoji face with sunglasses 😎

If you share Best Friends with another user, you’ll see a sunglasses emoji next to their name. Co-workers, classmates, or friends with common interests often see this emoji.

Grimace emoticon 😬

Like the sunglasses emoji, the funny face emoji appears next to the name of the person you share a best friend with. The only difference is that this emoji is used when your best friend is also their best friend. Oooh…you feel a little friendly rivalry?

Smiling face 😏

The smirk emoji was Snapchat’s way of saying, “I’m your best friend, but you’re not mine.” Ouch. Snapchat has since deleted the emoji to avoid any hurt (or ruined friendships).

Fire emoticon πŸ”₯

You’ll see a fire emoji next to their name if you’re Snapstreaking with another user. You will only see this emoji if your Snapstreak has lasted at least three consecutive days.

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Cent emoji πŸ’―

If you support Snapstreak for 100 consecutive days, you will see 100 emoji instead of the fire icon on day 100. Congratulations! You must really, really love Snapchat.

hourglass smiley βŒ›

If you’re wondering why an hourglass emoji appears next to a friend’s name on Snapchat, it means your Snapstreak is coming to an end. Snapstreak is the number of consecutive days you have been on Snapchat with each other. If you want your Snapstreak to last, you need to log into Snapchat at least once a day.

Bouton πŸ“Œ

The thumbtack emoji appears next to conversations you’ve pinned to the top of the feed. You can pin individual users or group conversations. Use this emoji to keep track of your most important conversations.

Snapchat emoji values ​​chart

Emoji SnapchaticonValue
Babe????Displayed next to new Snapchat friends.
star of gold????Indicates that someone played your Snap in the last 24 hours.
yellow heartπŸ’›Appears when you are another user’s best friend.
Red heart❀ ️Appears when you’ve been a user’s best friend for 2 consecutive weeks.
pink hearts????Appears when you’ve been a user’s best friend for 2 consecutive months.
Birthday cakeπŸŽ‚Displayed next to a friend’s name on their birthday.
Smiling face????Appears next to a user when you are one of their best friends.
face in sunglasses????Appears when the contact is also your best friend’s best friend.
grimacing face????Appears when two users are each other’s best friends.
smiling face😏Indicates that someone is your best friend, but you are not their friend.
FeuπŸ”₯Display Snapstreak for at least three days.
CentπŸ’―Specifies a Snapstreak of 100 consecutive days.
hourglass(IeMeans Snapstreak is coming to an end.
BugπŸ“ŒIndicates that the conversation has been pinned to the top of your feed.

Meaning of Snapchat zodiac emoji

Astrology lovers, rejoice! Snapchat lets you know exactly who your Snapchat friends are by looking at their zodiac emoji next to their name. If you are not already familiar with the zodiac, here is a brief description of each symbol.

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β™’ Aquarius: born from January 20 to February 18.

β™“ Pisces: born from February 19 to March 20.

β™ˆ Aries: born from March 21 to April 19.

♉ Taurus: born from April 20 to May 20.

β™Š Gemini: born from May 21 to June 20.

β™‹ Cancer: born from June 21 to July 22.

β™Œ Leo: born from July 23 to August 22.

♍ Virgo: born from August 23 to September 22.

β™Ž Libra: born from September 23 to October 22.

♏ Scorpio: born from October 23 to November 21.

♐ Sagittarius: born from November 22 to December 21.

β™‘ Capricorn: born from December 22 to January 19.

Snapchat even offers users their own astrology profile. Go to your Snapchat profile and click on the astrology icon under your name to find yours.

Then enter your date of birth information to create your profile. From there, you’ll be able to see your sun, moon, and planet readings on the Snapchat app!

Frequently Asked Questions About Emoji in Snapchat

Answering your burning questions about the meaning of Snapchat emojis.

What do eye emojis on Snapchat mean? πŸ‘€

The eye emoji on Snapchat indicates that people are looking at your snaps. Eyes only appear when one or more people view your Snap. If you see these guys πŸ‘€, chances are you have a fan base.

How long does it take to get a yellow heart emoji on Snapchat? πŸ’›

The yellow heart emoji on Snapchat is given to Snapchat users who are best Snapchat friends to each other. If you and another Snapchat user send each other the most Snapchat messages, you will receive this emoji. After two weeks, the yellow heart will turn red to show that you’re still number one to each other on Snapchat.

Can you customize your friend’s emoji?

Yes, you can customize your Snapchat friends’ emoji to be the emoji of your choice.

Setting up Snapchat emoji on Android phone:

  1. Open the Snapchat app and click on your profile picture in the top left corner.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Scroll down and click Customize Emoji.
  4. Select the emoji you want to change and you’re done.

Set up Snapchat emoji on iPhone:

  1. Open the Snapchat app and click on your profile picture in the top left corner.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Scroll down to “Additional Services” and select “Manage”.
  4. Tap Friend emoticons.
  5. Select a category to edit
  6. Then select the emoji you want to feature in that category.
  7. Click the back arrow and your changes will be saved.