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Know Your Blood Pressure And Your PIN Number UK News

Patients are being asked to know their blood pressure, cholesterol and pin counts as part of a campaign to reduce the number of heart attacks, strokes and dementias over the next 10 years.

At present, more than half (57%) of people with high blood pressure have been detected, but NHS England and Public Health England (PHE) want to increase that figure to 80% by 2029.

A new coalition of more than 40 organizations, including charities, wants to increase the test rate to improve the detection and treatment of the major causes of cardiovascular disease.

It also set the goal of ensuring that three-quarters (75%) of those aged 40 to 74 received a formal risk assessment for cardiovascular disease and recorded their cholesterol.

At the moment, less than half (49%) of the eligible individuals had one, PHE said.

Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive of PHE, said: "We know our PIN numbers, but not the numbers that save our lives.

"Thousands of heart attacks and strokes can be prevented as more people know their blood pressure and cholesterol levels and seek help early.

"Prevention is always better than cure."

It is hoped that increased testing and diagnosis will allow earlier intervention, such as prescribing statins that work by lowering cholesterol levels.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said, "Prevention is at the core of our vision of improving the nation's health, empowering people to stay healthy, not just when they're sick.

"Nearly half of people with high blood pressure deal with their daily lives without being discovered or treated.

"Millions of people are unnecessarily susceptible to heart attacks or strokes if that could be prevented.

"That's why I want to help more people take their time to protect their future health and to be examined."


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