Know your personality from the way you sit

Some people need deductive signs to identify the personal characteristics of others, especially at the beginning of acquaintance or dealings. Some can even identify themselves and explore their own personal characteristics by observing the way they sit.

According to a report published by m.jagranjosh, some people tend to sit in a position with their knees straight, while others sit with their knees apart, or by placing one ankle on the other, while others prefer to put a leg on a leg. Surprisingly, there are A link between habitual seating and personality traits.

behavioral studies

According to behavioral studies conducted by experts, it has been proven that the legs work based on commands that are released through the subconscious mind that are connected either in the direction of what a person wants or what he is trying to avoid in case of stress or danger or are a reflection of negative feelings, such as nervousness, boredom and lack of feeling safe.

Interesting studies have shown that airline staff on flights are trained to identify people sitting with crossed ankles as a sign of stress or anxiety when ordering a service. Flight attendants are usually trained in how to deal with these passengers and ask them more than once if they want something else as a way to help them open up and relax.

1. Straight knees

The main traits of those sitting with straight knees include intelligence, rationality, meticulousness, a love of cleanliness with honesty and conservatism.

In a study conducted by researchers at Ohio State University, it was revealed that people who sit with their knees straight are seen as qualified for a job role during their interviews. They have also been shown to believe in themselves and their skills, have a healthy and positive view of themselves and as a result, have less insecurity.

2. Knees apart

The main personality traits of those who sit on their knees all the time range from self-centeredness, arrogance, short attention span and a quick boredom.

The results of studies indicate that it was common for people, who sit with knees wide, to be considered more selfish, arrogant and judge others. But studies have revealed the exact opposite of what appears on the surface, with experts finding that people are more likely to be anxious, stressed and fearful of something going wrong.

Research has also shown that they are fascinated by everything new and cannot finish one task correctly at a time. Another negative feature that this posture reflects is speaking before thinking about the implications of the words.

They get bored easily. These people need a lot of motivating energy around them, whether in relationships or work, and wherever they are it takes constant nudge and discipline to get them to work in an orderly manner.

3. Leg on leg

Experts believe that the main characteristics of people who tend to sit in a leg-to-leg position include a love of art and creativity, in addition to being dreamy and defensive people who prefer closed.

Studies have revealed that if a person sits with crossed legs, they will often explode with creative ideas outside the box, as they are characterized by highly imaginative thinking. Some experts believe that sitting in a leg-on-leg position reflects a defensive stance and may be a reflection of fear of something.

But there may be differences in these situations and it is difficult to give an accurate reading of whether a person is relaxed or frightened while sitting with legs crossed.

Sitting with legs crossed during a conversation with others can be perceived as disinterested, especially if their feet are pointing at the door or away from the person they are talking to.

4. One ankle above the other

The main traits of a cross-legged person include elegance, modesty, self-confidence, ambition, and sophistication.
Ankles-crossed sitting is a common sitting position for the British royal family, leading some experts to consider those who sit with their ankles crossed to have a royal lifestyle.

In fact, these people have the ability to make everyone around them feel confident as well. They work hard and tirelessly to achieve their goals, with contagious ambition and a firm belief that hard work will pay off.

The person who sits with one ankle crossed is a good listener and keeps everyone’s secrets, but at the same time does not share his secrets or his next move with anyone else. Some experts believe that someone who sits in this position is too conceited about their own affairs and affairs. This person tends to care about their appearance and can hide their feelings of anxiety or insecurity in a subtle way.

Behavior experts and psychologists have also revealed that sitting with ankles crossed is also an indicator of defensiveness and insecurity in some cases. For example, research in law enforcement, armed forces, and related fields has shown that most people who sit in this position during interrogation or so exhibit a high rate of withholding information.

5. Ankle-above-knee position

Sitting with one leg at a right angle or something like a number 4 reflects key traits including self-confidence, dominance, a sense of security, and a tendency to be competitive and argumentative.

Sitting with one ankle above the knee appears to be confident, in control, more dominant, and relaxed.
These people have the ability to set goals and work smart until it is time to achieve them. Establishing their career and education is a priority and at the same time they enjoy other aspects of life.

A person sitting in this position likes to keep their space and privacy, and they usually occupy rooms, wardrobes, or any other physical space with more space.

Behavior experts have also noted that people who sit at right angles leg above the other tend to believe that everything has its own time and place. They also have a great tendency to dress well and look good. But among the negative features come the argumentative or competitive nature and they are likely to reject any views other than their own.

Hands, arms and knees

1. Hold hands together

Sitting with one leg on top of the other in Figure 4 with the hands on the bent leg reflects that the person is stubborn, strong and competitive. A person holding hands together while sitting is naturally resistant to other opinions and discussion. So experts advise those working in the field of sales and marketing that one should focus on understanding the point of view of the person sitting in this position rather than forcing them to believe in the product they are selling to them.

2. Hold the armrest

It turns out that people who sit with their hands holding the armrests of the seat are more sensitive. They are fully aware of their environment or surroundings. The armrest-holding position comes from feeling the need to be safer and more comfortable in situations, but is of a stable and reliable nature.

3. Fingers intertwined

People who sit with their fingers intertwined on their lap are misinterpreted as a reflection of authority and confidence, but this is far from the truth. It’s usually a sign of someone trying to be more polite. These people are passionate and enthusiastic in nature. These people like to please others and enjoy warmth and kindness in their dealings.

4. Knees together

People who sit with their knees together, but do not cross their legs, have social, extroverted, and cheerful personalities. They are likely to be talkative, optimistic, and friendly by nature.