Ko Ko Mo will electrify L’Paille à sons, in Chartres: “We are really a live band, we love to create unexpected moments”

All rock fans have put this appointment on their shelves. On June 10 and 11, the 7th edition of the L’Paille à sons festival will be held on the new site of the Grands-Prés stadium. On the program, in particular: a duo from Nantes called Ko Ko Mo, who will present Need some Mo’, a new album which has just been released. Interview with Warren, singer and guitarist of the band.

premium In exactly one month, it will be the start of the L’Paille à sons festival. On June 10 and 11, twelve groups and artists will perform on stage in Chartres, including the blues duo Ko Ko Mo.

How is the return to live going after the long Covid hiatus?

Concerts are our reason for living. Our anxiety was that the public would not come back, that they would get too used to watching series on streaming sites, sitting comfortably on their sofa. But no, people are moving, fortunately, more than expected, even. We are super happy. We are really a live band, we love to create unexpected moments. Each concert is different, it’s not precise.

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The new album feeds on vintage rock roots, but sounds modern.
Exactly, we are a group of 2022, we must not forget that. With the Covid, we had time to refine the album for a year and a half, to choose the songs well, to ask the right questions…

The L’Paille à sons festival, in Chartres, will have to move

Does the duo format allow you to be more free?
Clearly. We started in bars by improvising a lot. There is a challenge at each concert, you have to occupy the space. Our references are necessarily the White Stripes, and especially the Black Keys. They show the example of a career that lasts and is constantly renewed at the sound level.

Practice. Festival L’Paille à sons, June 10 and 11, at the Grands-Prés stadium, in Chartres. 1-day pass: €12.50. 2-day pass: €20. lpailleasons-festival.com.

Remi Bonnet