Kobe’s widow’s accusation of “dead husband’s body photo” was tried by the outflow court… She broke down and cried when she saw the scene photo | Life | CTWANT

Kobe’s widow Vanessa Bryant sued Los Angeles County police for dumping photos of the crash site. (Photo / Dazhi / Associated Press)

The late NBA legend Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in 2020, killing all nine people on board, including his daughter Gianna Bryant. Kobe’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, accused the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and firefighters of leaking photos of the accident scene, including the body of her deceased husband, to torture her and her family. court.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, Vanessa claimed that after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and firefighters took pictures of the accident scene, they left to friends and first responders. In the 24 hours after the accident, his appointed lawyer also said the photos had circulated among “at least” 11 police officers and dozens of firefighters, and a few weeks later, even one police officer and firefighter were separated from each other. Live photos of the body were displayed at the “Bar” and “Awards Ceremony”, and another person was exiled to the video game group.

Vanessa steps out of the courtroom.  (Photo / Dazhi / Associated Press)
Vanessa steps out of the courtroom. (Photo / Dazhi / Associated Press)

According to the report, Vanessa was emotionally overwhelmed when she heard the lawyer and the client in the tape and video describe the outflow photos of “separation of bodies”, “stumps all over” and “burnt pieces of meat”, and she burst into tears on the spot. Vanessa later complained that the purpose of taking the photos was not for investigation, but only for self-satisfaction, and these leaked photos caused her severe psychological trauma and caused physical discomfort.

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In this regard, Los Angeles County attorney Mira Hashmall said in court: “Since the accident, Los Angeles County has spared no efforts and efforts to prevent the accident scene from leaking out.” Now the media or the Internet also accuse Vanessa herself of admitting that she has never seen the photos, believing that the source of Vanessa’s psychological trauma is the crash itself, not the photos. According to ESPN, Los Angeles County agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle similar lawsuits by families of other victims.