Kobo releases waterproof Clara 2E e-reader with 6 inch screen for 150 euros – Tablets and phones – News

Prices started around 600 Euro in 2005 with ao Sony then went down towards 300 (Amazon started in 2007 at 400 Euro with their first Kindle, year after 300, 2010 the 3rd generation 139 Euro), and now the cheapest Kindle in Netherlands 89.99…chting-wit/dp/B07FQ4XCRB/
The problem with the eReaders is that there are always newer versions with slightly different hardware, and that they have been dumped on the market at or below cost for a long time to develop the digital reading market. Think of it this way, if you spend 600 Euros for a device, and the books on it are just as expensive as paper books in the store, then you pay 600 Euros more, with the only advantage that you do not have the volume of paper books. on vacation, in your house, etc. So Amazon in particular started dumping at cost to develop that market and become the largest. As a result, the sales of eReaders rose, some apartments fell, new parties entered the market, but the costs fell.

What you now see is that, especially with regard to textbooks, the paper versions cost a fortune when they become rarer, and the digital versions are available for a reasonable price.
And for 90 Euro an eReader where you can only board the plane with hand luggage instead of an extra suitcase because of the weight of the books also quickly pays for itself.
That said, a smartphone with an OLED screen, which you put on black with white letters, is also quite useful if you want to read digitally for an hour. But if you read for several hours a day, you will notice that an eReader with an e-ink screen reads much better because there is no backlight, on a phone or tablet that still leads to a headache.

Coming back to the cost, an eReader lasts quite a long time, I myself have been using Kindle devices for a long time, because they were the first to become affordable, and had the largest choice in English, and I read in that language, plus Caliber allows me to convert anything if needed. not available in the Amazon store or too expensive there. My first Kindle (the 3 with keyboard) from 2010 is still used by my mother. In the meantime I did say goodbye to the Amazon US store and I buy my books in the Dutch store. My US purchases are neatly converted.