Koen Kardashian lashes out at Yvonne: receives support from Sarah van Soelen

Koen Kardashian has lashed out at Yvonne Coldeweijer. Because of all the gossip she spread about him, Koen ended up even deeper in the pit. He can count on a lot of support from other celebrities: Sarah van Soelen is also sick of the taunts of the gossip queen.

All the gossip that Yvonne receives through her spies, she unceremoniously throws on her juice channel. With this she does not always seem to consider whether she is crossing a line or not, because according to Koen, the gossip about him goes way too far. After leaving for rehab for the second time in South Africa, he decides to silence Yvonne once and for all.

‘I didn’t want to go on because of you’

“Yvonne. Actually, I don’t even want to mention your name,” Koen begins his story on Instagram. ,,As you well know, I struggled with my addiction: a mental illness in which I also had suicidal feelings. I was in the pit. After seeing your video about me I didn’t want to go any further. That you nailed me so badly to the public pillory, when you knew how bad I was.”

It has been enough for Koen: he is not the only one who is harassed by the gossip queen and wants to stand up not only for himself, but also for others. ,,What is your limit Yvonne? For months I’ve seen you terrorize people and nobody does anything. I think you are a nasty and mean person and I cannot understand how you can live with yourself.”

Dutch celebrities support Koen

Koen’s candid post provides a lot of understanding among other celebrities. Jaimie Vaes and Anna Nooshin completely agree with Koen. ,,I am proud of where you are now and how you are increasingly able to stand up for yourself. I am always behind you in the end”, writes Anna Nooshin.

Sarah: ‘This is the drop’

Koen’s post has stirred up a lot with Sarah van Soelen, who has been dealing with Yvonne’s bullying for a year. After Yvonne again spreads gossip about Sarah today, she hits back hard.

,,How sick are you that you post things like this Yvonne. Koen is right. Report this girl. Because what she has been doing with me for over a year is not spreading ‘juice’, but trying to destroy me,” Sarah writes in Instagram Stories. “This is the last straw for me right now. Again this is going too far for me Yvonne. You don’t know what you’re doing to people.”