Koenigsegg will manufacture components for Tesla electric vehicle modifications

Californian electric car manufacturer Tesla has joined forces with a world-renowned manufacturer of supersports.

Unplugged Performance, California-based Tesla electric car manufacturer, recently announced a partnership with Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing to develop carbon aerodynamic accessories for Tesla electric cars.

The production of carbon body parts will be provided by Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing, which will manufacture them in addition to body parts for super sports cars of the famous Swedish brand. It is thus certain that the parts will be manufactured with maximum regard for quality.

The future of car enthusiast culture depends on us taking the best of the craft, the best of technology, and never losing sight of the cars we love to drive,“ uvedl Ben Schaffer, CEO Unplugged Performance.

Together with Koenigsegg, we want to inspire Tesla owners and contribute to an engaging electrical future for the automotive culture we love.Schaffer added. In his speech to Koenigsegg, he also expressed gratitude for the partnership with the best engineers and factories in the world who share their vision.

The list of new carbon accessories was to include, for example, rear spoilers for all Tesla models, while for the Model 3 there are exactly two types of rear spoilers and a front bumper extension is also available.

The number of accessories and pieces in stock is still limited, but the offer should gradually grow during the year. In addition, the fitter adds that he is able to send carbon supplements virtually anywhere in the world.