Koh-Lanta canceled: Eddy G. claims his innocence, “Candide was half on me”


In an interview with Télé Star, Eddy G., the alleged attacker of Candide Renard on the set of Koh-Lanta, delivered his own version of the facts. On May 11th, production company ALP and channel TF1 announced the cancellation of the 19th season of Koh Lanta . At issue, a candidate, Candide Renard, accuses another adventurer, Eddy G., of being sexually assaulted. When questioned by the police when she arrived in France on Sunday, May 13, the 21-year-old explained that she woke up at night. from the 4th to the 5th day of shooting while his teammate was in the process kissing and touching him under his clothes . Placed in custody Monday, May 14, the mis en cause denies the facts and can also count on testimonials from five other participants to confirm its version , according to his lawyer. Back home, in Nancy, where he lives with his wife and their child, Eddy G. confides today, for the first time, on these accusations that target him, in an interview with TV Star . ” I followed the police and, since I have nothing to hide and I am innocent, I did not even wait for my lawyer to come to begin to explain to me “, He says before stating that Candide Renard” refused the confrontation Twice. Regarding the night when everything rocked, Eddy G. claims never to have approached Candide Renard. On the contrary, she would have taken the initiative to lie down beside him while he was asleep. ” Every night I slept between a man and the wall of the cabin. Candide, she was further away. When the cameramen came back in the night to film us, I woke up and Candide was half on me. It was filmed and it exculpates me completely . The case is now in the hands of justice. This Wednesday, May 16, the public prosecutor of Nancy has opened a judicial inquiry for ” sexual assault ” .


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