News Kohlemax on medium wave (daily newspaper young world)

Kohlemax on medium wave (daily newspaper young world)


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1956 KPD ban and repression: police officers in front of the headquarters of the party executive in Düsseldorf

The Hamburger Abendblatt cheered: "All KP offices closed without resistance". In the larger cities of the Federal Republic, the police occupied the buildings of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) and its newspapers and printers, wrote the Springer newspaper on August 18, 1956. A day earlier, the Federal Constitutional Court had banned the KPD from silencing the Communists be made. But that failed. This was shared in a side note Hamburger Abendblatt with: »A so-called German freedom broadcaster started its work. ”

From now on the medium wave reported several times a day German freedom broadcaster 904, Two of his collaborators, Hans Canjé and Achim Becker, remembered in a 2006 post for young world to the first broadcast just a few hours after the verdict of the highest West German court: »An unpathetic but attentive voice proclaims about the opening bars of Beethoven's› Joy of the Beautiful Spark of Gods: ›Here it is German freedom broadcaster 904 – the only broadcaster in the Federal Republic that is not under government control. ‹(…) In this first broadcast, a statement by the party leadership of the KPD regarding the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe announced in the morning on that requested by the Adenauer government in November 1951 was read out Ban on the party. Then the program continued in a rather martial manner: the names of those responsible for the ban were mentioned and followed by each of them, inserted by us, a sound excerpt from the pronouncement of the verdict in the Nuremberg war crimes trial in 1946: ›… to death by the rope‹ . "

The illegal voice of the KPD caused excitement and speculation, especially since, especially in the beginning, some effort was made to pretend to be an underground station that was operated from somewhere in the Federal Republic. Shipments were repeatedly briefly interrupted because DF vehicles or the police came dangerously close to the locomotive, or problems were apologized "because we have to send under the most difficult conditions." In November 1956 cited that New Germany from a contribution by Süddeutsche Zeitung, according to which the Office for the Protection of the Constitution 904 Fahnde: "The broadcaster carries out its activities in the 'area of ​​Hanover', but is a 'flying broadcaster', it says in the newspaper."

In fact, the transmitter was in Burg near Magdeburg. Although this was soon no longer a secret in the West, the charm of the forbidden remained. In addition, could 904 come up with surprisingly detailed news, for example with warnings of traffic controls or – directed to the soldiers of the Bundeswehr – with information about upcoming night exercises.

»Obviously related DFS 904 partly information from the West German newspapers and their local and regional editions, «wrote Becker and Canjé in 2006 jw, »However, my own research on site was more important. The first requirement was the factual reference and attention to detail in the presentation. (…) Then, in the evening of the same or the next day, a corresponding article was broadcast over the broadcaster or, for example, ›Kohlemax‹, a man from the Ruhr region of genuine junk and grain, spoke his view enriched with these facts into the ether, then that came to the working person Population good at (…) Every now and then there was a friendly handshake from a worker who, despite all the conspiracy, remembered that he had informed us or even spoken into the microphone. «

In addition, there were always puzzling announcements: »We call Drosselbart's representative. The caravan arrives two hours earlier. «Many listeners suspected that these announcements were aimed at groups of the KPD underground. In fact, the "lizards", as these short statements were called by the employees, were above all an advertising stunt.

Main reason, 904 turning on was the music for most listeners. On the freedom station there were the latest hits without the moderators chatting into the songs out of consideration for the record industry concerned about their sales. The pieces were simply obtained from the competition in the west or from pirate stations such as Radio Caroline, which emitted from a ship in the North Sea (see jw from 15.8.2019). "We recorded the devil come out," Canjé said in an interview that took place in August 2006 in jw appeared. »Buying records was also a very important thing on our trips. We not only reported on strikes, but also bought current rarities in the music stores. «

The broadcasted for 15 years freedom station several times a day – until September 30, 1971. Less than two weeks later, the news magazine reported The mirror: "With the deadline for broadcasting, Western intelligence officials suspect, the GDR wants to signal the end of the unconstitutional KPD, whose head Max Reimann became a member of the German Communist Party (founded in 1968) on September 27."

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