Kojima would be in talks with Microsoft for his next game

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After the release of Death Stranding, many wonder when Hideo Kojima’s new game will be announced, and although It is known that the renowned director is already embarking on a new project for the moment, further details are unknown.

Now, according to recent information Kojima would be holding talks with Microsoft for his next game. The information comes from the well-known journalist and leaker, Jeff Grubb, who claimed that an anonymous source told him that Kojima and the Xbox company were in talks for the next launch of Kojima Productions.

The information appears when a series of rumors arose that the recently announced title Abandoned, was secretly a game of Kojima Productions, something that was finally denied.

“The biggest evidence I have that Abandoned is not a Kojima game is that Kojima is in discussions with Microsoft about publishing his next game, according to a source familiar with the matter, “said the insider.

It should be remembered that a few days ago, Phil Spencer, in the framework of the AI ​​and Gaming Research Summit conference, appeared from his office and on the shelf had a figure of Ludens, the Kojima Productions mascot, to which Grubb mentions that And yes, that statue on the Phil Spencer shelf did reference a possible deal with the legendary developer. I can’t confirm if Xbox has already closed the deal, but I understand that Kojima is the focus of a Microsoft plan to harness his talent. “

If so, everything seems to indicate that Kojima’s next game will be an Xbox exclusive, or at least a temporary exclusive as happened with Death Stranding.

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