Köllő Babett with gold nipple patches, Gabi Tóth with gilded hair were judges in Star in Star!

Majka waited until the end of the show, then attempted to sabotage the singer’s hairstyle.

I will be a Star in the Star! in last night’s broadcast, the masters were dressed in gold, Kölő Babett and Gabi Toth his installations were particularly attention-grabbing.

The actress’ outfit was topped off with a pile of feathers and gold-plated nipple patches, while gold flakes were attached to the singer’s hair.

Mother his interest was piqued by both combinations, so in the first minutes of the show he took out a pair of scissors, then cut holes in his top above his nipples, and then asked Gabi Tóth to let him comb his hair at the end of the show.

The rapper actually accomplished the latter after the results were announced. The singer initially tried to protect her hairstyle, but eventually let Majka scrape some gold flakes off her locks – with more or less success.