Komodo National Park Entrance Ticket Price IDR 3.75 Million as of 1 August – Starting August 1, 2022, the Regional Government of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and the Komodo National Park Center (BTNK) plan to set the cost to the Komodo National Park (TNK) conservation area, to Rp 3.75 million per person for a period of one year.

“Taking into account the cost of conservation, (the cost) is IDR 3.75 million per person for a period of one year, and the quota for visits to KNP will be limited to 200,000 people per year,” said the Coordinator of the Program for Strengthening the Functions of Komodo National Park, Carolina Noge, at the Manggala Wanabakti Building, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), Jakarta, to Kompas.comMonday (27/6/2022).

Carolina added that the plan is to apply the fee collectively in a systematic manner, Rp. 15 million per four people per year.

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Furthermore, the calculation is taken from consideration of the cost of conservation, due to the loss of value for ecosystem services due to the surge in tourist visits to KNP.

“Visitors will be free to come, with the cost component, we will discuss what they are for one by one aja actually. But in the end, it will be for conservation because the value of the lost ecosystem services was Rp. 11 trillion,” said Carolina.

Every tourist who enters is considered to have an influence, both on animals, biodiversity, and the entire ecosystem in the area.

Previously, based on the calculations and recommendations from the study, conservation costs as compensation for each tourist visit ranged from IDR 2,943,730 to IDR 5,887,459.

The quota of visits to Komodo National Park will be limited

HANDOUT/BOPLBF The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy together with BOPLBF conducted a famtrip with the media in the Komodo National Park area, Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, NTT, Sunday, (9/13/2020). (HANDOUT/BOPLBF)

In addition, the visit quota will also be limited to 200,000 people per year. Tourists are also required to register directly online through the website that will be provided later.

This quota regulation is the result of the Ecosystem-Based Carrying Capacity Study in KNP that has been carried out by experts.

The ideal number of tourists obtained is 219,000 people per year, with a maximum number of visits of 292,000 people per year.

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According to the explanation from the Head of the Study on the Carrying Capacity of the Komodo National Park, Irman Firmansyah, the limitation on the number of visits to KNP was carried out in order to preserve the wildlife in KNP and its ecosystem.

“In principle, visitors don’t just want to see Komodo dragons. If they want to see, just go to the zoo. But we want to see the wild life, and there (TNK) must be really maintained. Conservation must be dominant,” said Irman.

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