Kompolnas: First Brigadier Hasbudi’s actions are a form of greed!

Saturday, May 14, 2022 – 09:41 WIB

Brigadier Hasbudi was arrested by officers when he was about to escape via a flight at Juwata Airport, Tarakan. Photo: Ditreskrimsus Polda Kaltara.

jpnn.comJAKARTA – The National Police Commission (Kompolnas) has responded to a number of cases involving police Brigadier Hasbudi.

Brigadier Hasbudi is now a suspect in the case of managing an illegal gold mine in Sekatak Buji Village, District, Bulungan Regency, North Kalimantan (Kaltara).

The Kaltara Polda member who serves in the Polairud Unit of the Tarakan Police is also running the business of importing illegal used clothes from Malaysia, as well as illegal meat.

In addition, the Kaltara Police investigators also found records of drug shipments in used clothing containers, but the police have not found any evidence.

Commissioner of National Police, Poengky Indarti, said that his party regretted the criminal act by Brigadier Hasbudi.

“It should be suspected that his actions did not stand alone, so it is necessary to investigate whoever is involved,” Poengky told, Saturday (14/5).

According to Poengky, if there are other members of the Police who are involved then the law must be processed thoroughly.

“Besides that, it is also necessary to investigate the possibility of other alleged criminal acts committed by First Brigadier Hasbudi. If proven, they deserve to be punished and subject to PTDH ethical sanctions,” said Poengky.