Kompolnas Gives Notes to North Sumatra Police About 2 Market Traders Become Suspects for Fighting Thugs

Daily Chairman of the National Police Commission (Kompolnas) Benny Mamoto paid attention to the two cases of market traders in Medan who were suspects for fighting thugs, Saturday (10/30/2021). (Source: KOMPAS TV)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Kapolsek Medan Baru together with the ranks of the Criminal Investigation Unit were examined by Propam Polda North Sumatra.

This investigation was the result of the determination of a trader at Pringgan Market, Medan, as a suspect despite being a victim of stabbed by thugs.

Daily Chief of the National Police Commission (Kompolnas) Benny Mamoto emphasized that if during the examination it was found that the officers were unprofessional, then decisive steps should be taken.

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According to Benny, this is not the first time the North Sumatra Police have experienced a similar case. Previously, the same case happened to traders at Gambir Market, Tembung Village, Percut Sei Tuan District, Deli Serdang Regency, Deli Serdang, which resulted in the removal of the Head of Research and Development and the Head of Police of Percut Sei Tuan.

“For officers who are being investigated by Propam, if they are found to be unprofessional officers, firm steps need to be taken. One note from these two cases is that both of them involve traders who were stabbed by thugs,” said Benny, Saturday (10/30/2021).

Benny added that in addition to giving strict action to unprofessional officers, controlling thugs must also be carried out. This is because there have been two cases of market traders being victims of illegal levies by thugs.

“Thugs in the market are very disturbing, disturbing and detrimental to small traders. These two momentums serve as improvements to prevent this from happening again,” said Benny.

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The case of the victim of a thug stabbed as a suspect began with a dispute between BA, vegetable traders and BS thugs at Pringgan Market, Medan, Monday (9/8/2021).