Konami updates eFootball PES 2021 mobile version to eFootball 2022, ready to start Season 2.

Konami Digital Entertainment Limited announced that the mobile version of eFootball PES 2021 has been updated to eFootball 2022, revealing many more in-game events and campaigns. Including the theme of season 2 that has already begun on both consoles and mobile.

Konami has revealed that the mobile version of eFootball 2022 will feature a new game mode called “Dream Team” where players will be able to create their own team just like the console version. It provides a new control experience for players to enjoy making decisions and adjusting their tactics based on real-world football theory.

Within this game will remain the real names of major European clubs. legends in football history and weekly live updates on in-game squats and individual players.

Various in-game events include a new season. “European League Highlights – Clubs, Team Styles, and Prime Players” starting today. And there will also be players appearing on special cards featuring clubs that have been at the top of the European League for the 2021-2022 season.

We also have a special pack containing 11 players and training items from the major European partner clubs. Players can combine players with superior pace. Get them ready to play right away. And train the team according to their own football philosophy!

konami eFootball 2022

“Dream Team”, a new mode in the mobile version of eFootball 2022.

It’s a new mode where players can nominate and recruit their favorite players and managers to create their own dream team using GPs and other items. within the game obtained from playing the game Players in the game can be developed and strengthened to match the player’s playing style.

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Players can create their own “Dream Team” by combining their favorite players. Legendary players and managers to suit their own football philosophy each “season” of the Dream Team, with multiple events each season. Each event has a theme that reflects real-world football trends. And there will be activities such as challenges with other players. and tour events with AI players when recruiting players and arranging teams that match the theme of the season. Players will be able to climb the ranks of the event while having an advantage over other players.

Season 2 is now available.

Season 2 “European League Highlights – Clubs, Team Styles, and Prime Players” will consist of clubs that have proven themselves in the European League 2021-2022 with their aptitude for team style and design. special card

  • Premium Ambassador Pack Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. meet two of the best players on the pitch. to make these two legends stand out even more.
  • Premium Club Pack The set includes top players from top European clubs for exciting campaigns in 2021-22: FC Barcelona, ​​FC Bayern München, Manchester United.
  • Club Pack This pack contains players from the 2021-22 season from our European partner clubs: Arsenal, AS Roma, Celtic FC, and many others.
konami eFootball 2022konami eFootball 2022

New Elements of Dream Team

The following new elements have been added to Dream Team to improve the game mode and allow players to better personalize their team. as well as entrusting their own football ideology into the team

  • Objective New “Objectives” have been added where players can earn rewards by completing challenges. There are also Premium Objectives that can be purchased using eFootball™ coins for more luxurious rewards.
  • Legendary Manager Johan Cruyff, for example, will be available in the future as a reward for Premium Objectives. Legendary managers have different training skills than general managers.
  • Features for saving multiple game plans ​It was added to be able to store multiple game plans. Squats with different tactics and activities can be saved and retrieved. This allows players to create multiple teams to use for each season and event as eFootball™ games develop in the future.
  • talent design suggestion function Helps automatically improve talent design parameters to improve players.
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For future updates, KONAMI is constantly analyzing ways to improve the playing experience in eFootball™. The v.1.1.1 update has fixed some issues. We also have plans for updates that will fix many issues in the future. We also plan to conduct surveys within the game to collect feedback and suggestions from players.

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