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Kongo-Central: out of stock of body bags at Kinkanda hospital

by archyw

The mortuary of the Kinkanda provincial referral hospital in Matadi (Kongo-Central) has been out of stock of body bags for nearly six months.

These body bags, in the context of the pandemic, are used to wrap the bodies of people who have died of COVID-19 before they are put into beer to prevent any form of contamination.

Health workers who work there said Wednesday, July 21 to Radio Okapi that they are currently using sachets to cover the bodies of those who die from coronavirus.

The body bag, the use of which occurs at the onset of the pandemic, is a nylon envelope comprising a zipper and four sleeves which allow the manual transport of a mortal remains.

A COVID-19 body wrapped in sheet is placed in this bag before putting it in a coffin.

For the moment, the providers within this morgue use a blue bag often used in the construction of buildings. They wrap the corpse, then tape them from head to toe, because the bag does not have a zipper.

These working conditions expose these health workers. Because according to them, the fact of packing COVID-19 corpses inevitably involves their handling. A practice not recommended in the context of preventing the spread of the pandemic.

The administrator administrator of the provincial hospital of kinkanda, Eddy Suidika who confirms the facts, explains that this situation concerns all the morgues in the province.

Information relating to this stock shortage has already been reported to the provincial health division and WHO, their supporting partner in the health sector, but so far there is no answer, he says.

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