Kopassus Anniversary Celebration, Prabowo and Hendropriyono Sit at the Table


Prabowo Subianto, Agm Gumelar, AM Hendropriyono, Dudung Abdurachman, and Iwan Setiawan sit at a table during the Kopassus anniversary celebration at the Makopassus Command Hall Building in Cijantung, East Jakarta, Saturday (16/4/2022). Photo/ist

JAKARTA – High-ranking and former officers of the Special Forces Command ( Special Forces ) attended the 70th anniversary celebration of the Red Beret Corps, Saturday (16/4/2022). During the activity, which took place at the Makopassus Command Center Building, Cijantung, East Jakarta, the Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) General Dudung Abdurachman sat at a table with the Danjen Kopassus Brigadier General Iwan Setiawan and former Kopassus commander Prabowo Subianto, AM Hendropriyono and Agum Gumelar.

In the photo received by MNC Portal Indonesia, all of them can be seen wearing the red beret belonging to Kopassus. Meanwhile, Hendropriyono was seen wearing an all-black outfit with a skullcap.

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In this event, Brigadier General Iwan Setiawan congratulated the Big Family of the Kopassus Red Beret Corps. Kopassus as a unit that is feared by opponents, respected by friends, and loved by the Indonesian people, said Iwan, must still be echoed. This is in line with the theme, which is “My Kopassus, Our Kopassus, Indonesian Kopassus.”

Meanwhile, Army Chief of Staff Dudung expressed his pride for the extraordinary service and dedication of Kopassus to the Indonesian Army, the nation and the state through the successes and achievements that Kopassus has achieved during its service journey.

“All of this cannot be separated from the pioneering results of predecessors, elders and seniors who have dedicated themselves to the greatness of Kopassus,” said Dudung in his statement, Saturday (16/4/2022).

“Based on history and experience while on duty, the Kopassus unit has always succeeded and made history, so that this is a matter of pride for all of us as well as a challenge for future generations considering that the enemy is currently invisible,” he said.

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Dudung also reminded that the leadership elements of Kopassus could appear responsible. So that its members are always encouraged to take risks. “Always involve the front echelon in decision making because it is the front echelon who will receive the direct impact of the decision,” he stressed.

Agum Gumelar on the same occasion as a representative of the elders of the Red Beret Corps gave a message that Kopassus must also be loved and loved by the people. Kopassus members must also hold fast to the Sapta Marga and use it as a guide in their actions so that they do not deviate from the current situation.

“Kopassus soldiers must be brave but not arrogant because the challenges they are currently facing are more severe, which is not only facing the real world, but also facing the virtual world,” said Agum.