TSouth Korea 's music students were accused of conspiring to save weight to avoid military service In a social media messaging app, they discussed how to quickly collapse as a sort of failure of the army's medical investigation.

According to the Korea Herald, they ate high-calorie foods such as pizza and hamburgers five times a day and 30 kg in just six months.

The men, all the singers who attended the same college reportedly also discussed "high-calorie protein shakes, dietary supplements, and lots of aloe juice to keep the water weight down." Some suggested being "crazy" on purpose.

All eligible South Korean men aged 18 to 35 must serve at least 21 months in the army as part of Seoul's defense strategy against the North Korean military threat.

However, those who do not meet conscription requirements, including body mass index and vision test, may be less likely to be assigned to a taxable civil service.

However, conscientious objections or religious objections are not recognized, and every year at least 400 people are arrested for refusing these grounds. Leaving the country, causing self-harm, or cheating in any other way to avoid convocation is also illegal under South Korean law.


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