Korona, Vestre Toten | Three new cases of infection in Vestre Toten – repeat call

Do you have symptoms? Test yourself and stay at home.

This is the clear call from municipal chief physician Jens A. Mørch in Vestre Toten municipality.

– There is a disturbing tendency for people to go with symptoms, also at work, and school before they choose to test themselves. Even though the common cold dominates, the late discovery of Covid19 could still have major consequences. The municipal chief must therefore again emphasize the need to take the symptoms of respiratory infection seriously, Mørch says in a press release.

Vestre Toten municipality has been notified of three new cases of infection after testing this weekend.

– There are two adults and one child. The adults have been fully and partially vaccinated, and while one is believed to be infected abroad, the route of infection on the other has not been proven. The person in question signed up after testing positive on a self-test. We are experiencing more and more cases of this, and which in turn shows the usefulness of these, says Mørch.

The infected child was discovered in connection with the extensive class testing, but it is somewhat uncertain whether it can be linked directly to the case that was detected in his class, and which triggered mass testing.

– There were otherwise no other new cases at any of the schools. Assuming a negative self-test agreed before the start of school, and that they are without symptoms, the schools will start as normal for all students except the few who are then still covered by the infection regime. Participants in a local event at the beginning of last week, where it turned out that there were two participants who were later diagnosed with infection, were able to obtain self-tests for carrying this out over the weekend. So far, no positive findings have been reported in connection with this event, Mørch states.