Koroniewska offended by an internet user. “You’re not pretty.” She answered her

Celebrities regularly read comments about themselves on the internet. However, they rarely decide to respond. This time Joanna Koroniewska decided to rub the nose of one of the observers, who accused her of being ugly. What did she say?

Internet user to Koroniewka: “You’re not pretty”

Celebrities face the public every day. Very often, comments directed at them are negative. Some words go unheard of, but sometimes they choose to interact with “fans”.

Joanna Koroniewska She recently read a comment on her profile from one of the internet users who followed her on Instagram. “You’re not pretty. I’m sorry.” – the woman wrote under the photo of the actress.

I don’t think anyone likes to hear that he lacks beauty. Koroniewska decided to react to the hint on the part of the commentator.

The actress replies “fance”

The actress’s answer was not obvious.

“Am I pretty? Exactly. The question is, do I care about it ?! Well average. And it’s not my coquetry, by all means. I don’t have much time for myself lately, but 45 minutes sometimes absolutely saves my life!”

– this is how Joanna Koroniewska started her post on Instagram.

What’s the matter with the actress?

45 minutes, which Joanna Koroniewska referred to, concerns the time devoted to running.

“This is what I look like after running. Red and happy” – writes.

She also added that she does not wear a gram of makeup then, and the older she is, the better she feels with herself. “I pay less attention to things that just don’t matter to me.”

“We have the right to be different”

The actress draws attention to the differences between women. According to her, everyone has the right to be themselves. Both people who like to take care of their beauty and those who do not like beauty activities.

“Does it mean that I am better or that I feel better? Neither does EVERYONE have the right to be HIMSELF. And those of us who love to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror and those who like the least of all possible pleasures. I have and it’s not coquetry. I’m just like that. I’ve always been. I still don’t understand why some of us don’t like the fact that we’re different. And that’s beautiful “- writes the actress on Instagram.

The rest of the text follows below the video:

Koroniewska points out one serious thing to the observer

She adds that she does not care about lynching towards the woman who wrote her an unflattering comment on Instagram. She encourages us to “show her that each of us is different and has the right not to wear makeup and still feel good about ourselves.”

The actress also drew attention to an important issue regarding her “fan”.

“The second thing is more serious. This lady probably also has a daughter. Do you know how many of them have been wearing makeup from really young years and use filters? To be in the canon of beauty. Maybe it is worth setting an example for our children, let go of ourselves or at least others” – she emphasizes , ending my reflections on beauty.

Do you agree with the actress?

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