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Kotz in the beam, smile like lava | TIME ONLINE

Adolescents are lazy. Too lazy for complete sentences, that's why they write lyrics. By way of example, we have gathered here four famous examples of puberty poetry in their original version, which were then later carefully reworked by lecturers.


Acne y beard
Bart fluff
Beard and yew Steffi
Kleinkämper's lack of greetings on the bus before last Tuesday
Acne y una 4- in
Acne y beard
a complete misjudgment of the number of people that Camus The
"right, so I mean: so right understand"
y un masturbador

(Eugen G., 15 years)


If you can not speak English,
to write English work tomorrow,
which is not to be compensated with Reli.
See a beer in the heat,
but secretly disliking beer.
To have a new idea
which is not very new
and not especially a thought.
Listening to waves at night while traveling
and they say: these are not waves, I'm not up
Traveling, I'm never traveling, just last August in Denmark, with the parents,
that does not count, that does not count.
Very bad: do not be invited
when at home the rooms are quieter,
the "coffee" really only coffee
and no conversation is possible.
Dr. summer
that there is understanding for everything
and the world itself for Spastis easily.

(Gottfried B., 14 years)


It's a tough life.
The time that was withdrawn on revocation
will be visible on the display.
Soon you will have to lace up the shoe
and fucking second, as you know your luck, then probably too
Because the guts have become fishy and cold.

Poorly, the light of the lava lamp spills.
Your look stumbles over the scratches:
the time being canceled on revocation
will be visible on the display.

Over there your lover will forfeit you one
the 12th,
he stands on her "blowing hair" (sic!),
he interrupts her
he tells her to keep silent,
he finds her "mortal" (sic!)
and "willing" (sick!)
after every hug.

Do not look around.
Lace up your shoe.
The fucking second stop too.
Kotz in the beam.
Smile like lava!

It's a tough life.

(Ingeborg B., 16 years)


It is nonsense
says reason
It is what it is
says the love.

It is bad luck
says the calculation.
So, as I said before, it is what it is
says the love.

It is nothing but pain
says the fear.
Which part of "It is what it is"
you did not understand?
says the love.

She's been in it for three weeks
Gerrit Obermann together, that seems to be something serious
At least Timo says, and he plays along
Gerrit Obermann's brother together handball.
Ah, handball
says the love.

Besides, I'm not myself either
so sure, maybe I still have feelings for Hanna Lipmanski
says the undecidedness.
You know, it's just what it is or what
it is not, no idea, frankly, huch, so late, I have to go now
also go
says the love.

It is impossible
says the experience.
says the love.

(Erich F., 17 years)



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