Kourtney Kardashian will not show her younger sisters in social media. The 39-year-old mother of three has published her own racy photos and the fans love it.

On Saturday, Kourtney went to her Instagram account to take a picture of herself swaying a tight black swimsuit during a trip to Cabo. The photo seems to be a step backward, but its followers did not care.

In the sexy snapshot you can see how Kourt wears a black bathing suit, which technically consists of one piece, because the thin fabric pieces connect the top and the bottom. Regardless, the swimwear showed Kardashian's curves like a bikini. The Maintained with the Kardashians star stands in a hallway with his arm outstretched against the wall as she holds up her cell phone to take the selfie. Kourts swimsuit shows her flat stomach and tight abdominal muscles and her rich cleavage.

Kardashian has split her hair in the middle and pulled back to a smooth knot at the bottom of her head, which turns into one of her signature hairstyles. Kourtney also wears black sunglasses that cover part of her face. When it comes to her make-up, she makes a natural look for the photo.

In the caption Kardashian reveals that it would be "nice" to be back in Cabo at the moment.

As previously from the inquisitrKourtney has excitedly scheduled her 40th birthday party. The reality star allegedly has a clear idea of ​​what he wants, which includes some very adult topics, such as male and female topless servers.

"Kourtney insists that the 40-year-old is not a big deal for her, but it's definitely an element that she wants to feel young and listless," said an insider Radar Online.

"Kourtney plans to invite the hottest young people in Hollywood – even if she's met before. She has asked her mother to organize her sexiest event she has ever put together – think of artistic but erotic dancers, topless waiters (both boys and girls) and enough champagne to sink a ship.

"This will be Kourtney's message to the world – she's 40 and fabulous," explained the source of the idea behind the birthday party.

Recently, Kardashian has hinted that she is not happy about her current status. Kourt went to her Instagram account last month while watching a romantic movie, revealing that she wanted to be in love. She also pointed out that she is the only one of her sisters who has no relationship.

It looks like Kourtney Kardashian is ready to go back there, and her sexy selfies could give her the confidence to find new love in the future.



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