15:11: Niko Kovac is through. Arjen Robben will not be available to Bayern tomorrow. The Bayern coach calls on the entire club to hold together. Otherwise, the mood in the squad is significantly better than that presented in the media.

"Internal support is here"

15.08 clock: The Bayern coach talks about the current situation in the club: "The support is absolutely there internally.We exchange regularly.Whether this must now be made public, I do not know.We have to stick together at Bayern.Here nothing may interfere. We have to stick together, each one of us, we have to do everything we can to make the club successful, so internals can not go public – there can not be that. "

15:05: Kovac explains his current handling of the players: "Of course we also critically address things that are not going well, but we also have to stay positive, otherwise the players lose their confidence, we have to be positive, I can only get away with that we also have to be self-critical and scrutinize ourselves, everyone has to bring in five percent more, and in the end that will bring us so much more that we'll be much stronger again. "

3:03 pm: Kovac on the current performance of his squad: "I'm lucky enough to have Peter Herrmann on my staff, and I can tell you, we have not fewer than Tor last year, you just will not go in this year, you can not justify some things . "

"If the players do not perform, another one comes"

15.01 clock: Kovac with a clear message: "Those who play have to perform, do not do that, come another, that was in my time – that's just the way it is – quite simply."

14:59: Kovac is referred to the possible Super League: "I have an opinion, but they are not interested in. That's a question you do not have to ask me.

14:58: The former Frankfurt coach commented on his communication with the players: "I talk to all players on a regular basis, but I also do that after good games, sometimes they come up to me, but we have good communication."

14:56: The Bayern coach praises AEK: "It was a very contested game in Athens, but we were clearly better and deserved to win, I expect a difficult match tomorrow, we want to take the lead early and then make the match sovereign AEK is one good team. "

14:54: Kovac talks about Joshua Kimmich: "Tomorrow's game is also important for Saturday, it's the Champions League, and we can prepare for the next match with success, but let's talk about tomorrow's game." Joshua Kimmich is very self-critical – that's the best way for me to become a big man and he can do that better than Saturday against Freiburg. "

Robben fails

14:52: Kovac on the staff situation: "My two Frenchmen are not so far, Robben will fail, in James we have to look."

14:49: Kovac talks about the difficult week with the games against AEK and BVB: "It's like this: Dortmund is on Saturday, we should maybe talk about the AEK game, we could be through tomorrow, I also know that the game It's very important on the weekend, but not for me at the moment, the atmosphere in the team is good and I hope that tomorrow will satisfy not only the result, but also the way we are. "

Kovac takes over

14:46: That's it from Joshua Kimmich. It continues with coach Niko Kovac, who is currently under great pressure.

14:44: The German international also talks about tomorrow's game against AEK: "Of course we want to win the group, we need a win tomorrow, we defensively did not allow much in the first leg, but we did not have many chances, but I am sure we see a convincing win tomorrow. "

14:42: Kimmich talks about his current position on the pitch: "We're well-placed in the back-to-back position, let's see where I'm going to play now, so you'll have to ask the coach later."

"We are fully behind the coach"

14:41: The team would continue to stand behind coach Niko Kovac: "The team is fully behind the coach – if we play the game against Freiburg – the coach can not help it, as I have said several times already This is not a reproach to Manuel Neuer. "

14:39: Kimmich on the mood in the current squad: "We understand each other very well." The deal is great, we understand each other well, even better than in recent years, we can not just currently our performance as we get to wish."

14:37: Kimmich takes his teammates in the duty: "We are the ones who are on the court and have the responsibility.The match against Freiburg, we must win.And also in the DFB Cup, it can not be that we in the last minutes behind This has nothing to do with the coach, so we have to take responsibility for the players and we will do that and then win the games differently. "

"People are waiting for our mistakes"

14:36: Kimmich to the current unrest in the club: "People are waiting for us to make mistakes and are no longer at the top. It is quite normal that we are then the focus of the reporting, but I personally it is not so important that it There is a lot of unrest on the outside. "

14:34: The German international has played almost always. No problem for Kimmich: "I feel a lot, the game against Freiburg was really bad for me, but I still have a certain consistency in my performances, I do not play as offensively as in recent years not the feeling that I need a break now. "

14:32: Kimmich talks about the current performance of Bayern: "Of course we do not have the ease at the moment, but still won some games, so that's a quality." It is important now that we get confidence tomorrow. "

14.30 clock: Let's go! Joshua Kimmich first speaks to the press present.

13.00 clock: Welcome to the live ticker of VIP News. Niko Kovac is under pressure. For several weeks, Bayern's achievements in the Bundesliga and Champions League are no longer correct.

After the 1: 1 last weekend against SC Freiburg waiting for the Bayern coach, perhaps a decisive week for him. Especially the match on Saturday at Borussia Dortmund is of enormous importance to Munich.

From 14.30 clock speaks Kovac now first before the match against AEK Athens in the Champions League. We accompany the press conference live. Also Joshua Kimmich we will comment then.

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