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Kovalchuk chose the wrong team. "Los Angeles" at the bottom and has already changed the coach

You can not even dream about the Stanley Cup.

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Ilya Kovalchuk after five years in the SKA, two Gagarin Cups and the Olympics gold, he wanted to win another trophy – the Stanley Cup. Interest in him among the teams of the NHL even at 35 was serious, he said, there were 13-14 teams that he could be in. Ilya chose Los Angeles, signing a three-year contract for $ 18.75 million. It seems he miscalculated.

“Los Angeles” – the last team in the entire league – “kings” scored only nine points in 13 matches. The same amount of “Florida”, but she spent two games less. According to the difference between goals scored and missed goals, they are also the worst in the NHL – 28-45, as well as in performance.

"Losing – sucks." Kovalchuk's goals do not help the "Los Angeles"

The "Kings" came under the Toronto rink.

“Kings” is the second oldest league team. Only three main players have not celebrated their 25th birthday, and nine players have already exceeded the 30-year mark. The problem is that the leaders do not show their best hockey. Angers Kopitar until it looks like a person capable of carrying a team. Jonathan Quick – One of the main creators of victories "Kings" – received another injury and was out for an indefinite period. He underwent an operation on the meniscus, and soon he will not return. Tyler Toffoli and Tanner pearson they are in their prime, but they also do not reach the level they showed two or three years ago. But Dustin BrownWho missed the first month of the season seems to be back in good shape. He has four points in three games.

In this case, Kovalchuk was the only acquisition of the club in the offseason. Everyone wondered if he could fit into the modern NHL, but Illya here and now is the team's top scorer, he scored four goals and made seven assists in 13 matches. In the summer, he said that he did not want to be a burden for the team, and did not become one.

Willie Desjardin replaced John Stevens as a Los Angeles coach

Changing the coach does not help, we need radical methods

November 4th head coach John stevens and his assistant Don Nahbaur were dismissed. Acting coach appointed Willie Decardinand his assistant – Marco Sturm. Both had previously worked at the Olympics in Pyeongchane – Dejardin with the Canadian team won bronze, Marco Sturm and the German team won silver.

“We have good players, we need them to play better. The problem this season is that not everyone is moving in the right direction. The team is not playing the way we expected. We want to return the passion and commitment, our players must be emotionally involved. It is difficult to win when it is not, "- said the general manager of" Kings " Rob Blake.

“Los Angeles” in the offseason did not solve its main problem, remaining a slow, age-old team that is far from modern hockey. A few years ago, they won two cups, preaching a hard power game. The NHL has gone far ahead since then, the team speed and smart game with the puck came to the fore. "Los Angeles" is still clutching at the memories of past glory, not realizing that it is time to change. Will this change coach? Perhaps some kind of emotional outburst will really happen, but to become a contender for the Cup, global changes are needed.

"To be a cargo not in my style." Kovalchuk – about a new challenge in the NHL

The Los Angeles star newcomer gave the first interview after signing the contract.

We need to inject fresh blood and become younger. The restructuring of "Los Angeles" is long overdue, but Blake does not understand this yet. Kovalchuk seems to be wrong with the team. He hoped that the winning experience and stellar veterans will be able to pull the "kings" to another title, but I must admit that this "Los Angeles" is a thing of the past, and the change of coach now as a dead poultice.


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