Koziols comments on the possible cancellation of the hockey world championship in Riga


According to Koziola, the LHF can already refuse to organize the championship, but it would have legal consequences based on the obligations assumed by Latvia, including financial consequences.

The representative of the LHF emphasized that the decision should be left to the IIHF, and the decision of Latvia to negotiate with the federation on this issue is correct.

Koziols assessed that Latvia is working on the upcoming hockey championship as planned and due to the political situation, no work has been stuck on the Latvian side.

The LHF Secretary General estimated that the Covid-19 World Hockey Championship should not be canceled. Koziols does not believe that the IIHF will cancel two championships in a row, but rather needs to do everything possible for the championship to take place.

As reported, in mid-August, the Latvian government decided that Latvia would start negotiations with the IIHF on hosting the World Hockey Championship in another country in Belarus in 2021.

As Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (JV) explained at the time, Latvia wants to host the 2021 World Championships in Riga, however, taking into account the situation in Belarus, the Prime Minister does not see the possibility that Latvia could host this championship together with Belarus.

“Let ‘s call on the IIHF to find another country instead of Belarus [IIHF] “The situation in Belarus will still not change, the government could decide that Latvia does not participate in the 2021 hockey championship,” stressed Kariņš.

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