KPK & the Council’s Tasks to Find Evidence

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Former investigator of the Corruption Eradication Commission (NCP), Novel Baswedan, states the duties of the anti -corruption board and the Board of Supervisors (god) The KPK is actively seeking evidence, not waiting to be given passively.

This was conveyed in response to the attitude of the KPK Council, which was waiting for reports and evidence related to the alleged role of eight people holding the Deputy Chairman of the DPR RI, Azis Syamsuddin, within the KPK who was allegedly tasked with securing cases.

The KPK and the Council are given the authority to look for evidence, not wait for evidence and don’t care,” Novel said in a tweet on the Twitter account @nazaqistsha quoted Thursday (7/10).

Novel believes that the defendant in the alleged bribery case, a former KPK investigator, AKP Stepanus Robin Pattuju, did not work alone. The novel explains that the Stepanus case was revealed by himself and other investigators who were removed through the National Insight Test (TWK). However, according to him, his team was forbidden to investigate the case.

What is clear is that Robin doesn’t work alone. Do you still want to cover it up?“Novel chirps.

Information about eight people holding Azis in the KPK, including Stepanus, was previously revealed in the corruption trial on Monday (4/10). At that time, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) prosecutor appointed the Investigation Report (BAP) of the Regional Secretary of Tanjungbalai Yusmada.

The BAP contains a conversation between Yusmada and the inactive Tanjungbalai Mayor, M. Syahrial.

“BAP Number 19, paragraph 2, you explained that M. Syahrial said that he could get to know Robin because he was assisted by Azis Syamsuddin, the Deputy Chairman of the DPR RI because he met at Azis’ house in Jakarta. M. Syahrial also said that Azis had 8 people in the KPK who can be moved by Azis for the sake of Azis, OTT or securing the case. One of them is Robin,” said the prosecutor at the Jakarta Corruption Court, Monday (4/10).

Acting Spokesperson for KPK Enforcement, Ali Fikri, stated that the KPK works in accordance with legal facts, not just trial facts from the testimony of one witness.

However, he emphasized that the KPK did not remain silent after the witness’ testimony.

“We make sure the team will confirm it with other information so that it becomes a valid legal fact building. So, we can conclude whether there is an allegation,” explained Ali.

He added that if anyone knows about information about the Azis at the KPK, they should report it to the KPK Council. Ali said the initial data in a report was very important.

“We really need valid preliminary data so that the report is not just a baseless accusation,” he added.

“We are worried that just voicing opinions without presenting evidence will only be a negative suspicion that could be detrimental to certain parties,” Ali concluded.

On Tuesday (5/10), Novel stated that regarding Stepanus’ involvement, his party had reported it internally to the KPK. The novel explains that the Stepanus case was revealed by himself and other investigators who were removed through the National Insight Test (TWK). He has reported the alleged violation of the KPK employee’s code of ethics to the KPK Supervisory Board (Dewas).

I have also reported the problem to the Dewas but it doesn’t work. Instead, the KPK was afraid that it would be revealed and forbade our team to investigate the case by appointing another team for investigation,” said Novel in his Twitter account @nazaqistsha, Tuesday (5/10).

The tweet replied to a post by former KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah who said that the issue of the Azis at the KPK would be used as material to attack Novel et al, who were fired by Firli Bahuri et al.

After this [bendera HTI], the issue of ‘the person’ Azis at the KPK is not impossible to be ‘fried’ again to attack/associate with Novels/friends IM57+,” said Febri.


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