KPO Graz | News | Increase in the disability supplement demanded

KPÖ inclusion spokesman Philipp Ulrich calls for an increase in the disability supplement. (Photo: Julia Prassl/KPÖ Graz)

Inflation is rising to ever-increasing heights each month, approaching 10%. Many people are desperate and hardly know how to pay for groceries or bills. A particularly vulnerable group in difficult times are people with disabilities. The current situation hits her particularly hard.

“People with disabilities often have higher expenses for living expenses. Many have to use and pay for social services. Simple household items, clothing or other aids are usually custom-made and therefore particularly expensive,” says KPÖ inclusion spokesman Philip Ulrich. “Since we are still a long way from an inclusive society or the full implementation of the UN Disability Rights Convention, we should give these people a helping hand, especially in times of crisis.”

Ulrich sees the increase in the Styrian disability supplement as a possible help, which is attributed to needs-based minimum income recipients or social welfare recipients, provided their disability is at least 50% and they have a valid disability pass. This is currently 176.03 euros, Ulrich calls for an increase of 50 percent. This is intended to help people with disabilities through the crisis in a socially accurate manner.

“Right now, when the Inclusion Week is taking place in Graz, it would be an important sign if the state government were to increase the disability allowance‘ says Ulrich.