Kramár is proud! A beautiful daughter with a mega star?

Slovak actor Maroš Kramár can be proud of a truly gifted child, which Czech viewers can watch, for example, in the series Slunečná on TV Prima. His daughter Tamara has huge musical talents and even a very high intellect, because according to she will be a neuroscientist. It is said that the famous actor is to blame for being so musically capable.

“The only thing I take credit for is that I persevered for eight years to tell her to last that year and go to the piano, because of course, like every child, she preferred to go out. ‘I don’t even know when it was in she woke up and gave birth to her, that she started looking for chords herself, she started looking for songs herself, she found a ukulele herself, then a guitar, and then I was surprised because I soon found out that she plays better than me…

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I’m looking forward to releasing something of my own, because I know she’s already preparing something and basically it’s already in such a finished phase, but she doesn’t want to let me go yet either – Tamarka is my daughter, but her music is so very pleasant, ” according to the mentioned server, the actor said that they have musical roots in the family. Tamara may become a very successful star.

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