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Kravchuk in response stated that during discussions with the top leadership of the country he had never heard such “pessimistic statements”.

“When we consider future issues, we believe that it is necessary to restore infrastructure in the Donbass, in those regions where there is a war,” the former president said, adding that in Kiev “they’re not even allowed to think,” that it is not necessary to return the Donbass.

Kravchuk noted that the Ukrainian authorities know how much it will cost to restore the southeastern regions. “It will be difficult, but we believe that after the return of Donbass we will be able to mobilize not only internal, but also external resources,” he said.

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Leonid Pasechnik

Earlier in June, economists at the Vienna Institute for Economic Research (WIIW) estimated that rebuilding the Donbass would cost at least $ 21.7 billion. The most expensive thing, $ 9.5 billion, would cost to cover damage to physical capital: factories, equipment, and enterprises. Experts estimated the cost of human capital rehabilitation at $ 8.6 billion.

Economists noted that the cost of restoring Donbass is 40% of the annual income of the Ukrainian budget, so the country will not be able to cope with this task on its own.



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