Krefeld: Jennifer Morscheiser receives Niederrhein lamp

Award for museum director in Linner
Niederrhein lamp for Jennifer Morscheiser

Since 1985, the Niederrhein lamp has been awarded to public figures who treat the press fairly and openly. But under such difficult conditions as this time, there has not yet been an award ceremony: Jennifer Morscheiser-Niebergall, director of the Burg Linn Museum, should receive the award as early as 2020.

Due to the pandemic, the event had to be postponed several times. On Wednesday evening, Susanne Böhling, chairwoman of the Lower Rhine Association of Journalists, was finally able to present her with a replica of an oil lamp from Roman times in the Linner Museum.

Böhling clearly emphasized that Jennifer Morscheiser is a worthy award winner. “Museum, archeology – that sounds like boring, dust-dry material to many laypeople. But the museum director and her team in Linn always manage to tell exciting stories from the old days, ”she emphasized.

When she took office in 2016, the new “lady of the castle” announced that she wanted to market the museum in a more modern way in order to make it even more interesting for visitors with no previous archaeological knowledge. In order to achieve this goal, she takes the press seriously as a partner, knows their wishes and expectations, and tries to help where possible. At a time when fast and often simply false “news” are becoming more and more important in social networks, this cannot be taken for granted.

“Especially today, many citizens need and demand independent and critical reporting that provides classification and orientation,” said Böhling. Morscheiser is always ready to support the press. For example with articles about the “drive-in exhibition” in Linn at the end of 2020 or the “Festival for Freedom of Expression” in 2019.

Representatives of the press associations from Mönchengladbach and Kleve-Wesel also took part in the event. The Gladbach journalists want to choose the winner for 2021 this year.