Krefeld Pinguine: The first DEL2 season

With 15 newcomers
The first DEL2 season of the Krefeld penguins

On Friday, the DEL relegated starts with the away game in Bad Nauheim and is one of the top teams in the league. It’s difficult to say where the newly formed team is.

For the first time in Krefeld’s ice hockey history, the penguins are involved in the lower house of the German Ice Hockey League.

What are the key dates of the season? The 10th season of the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL2) begins for the penguins on September 16th with the away game at EC Bad Nauheim. The main round ends on March 5th with the home game against the Dresdner Eislöwen. Each of the 14 teams has 52 league games, the top ten in the table go into the play-offs. They start on March 8th with the first round (“best-of-three”) for the teams in places seven to ten (pre-play-offs). The two winners of the first round and the top 6 in the table are in the quarter-finals (“best-of-seven”), from then on four wins per round are also necessary in the play-downs to progress. The new master will be determined by April 30th at the latest.

What’s new compared to last season? The minimum playing strength of the clubs was increased from “9 plus 1” to ten field players and one goalkeeper and thus adjusted to the DEL. There is also a so-called “injured list”. Basically, injured players also count as fit to play according to the rules. In future, clubs can report players to the league who are removed from the license list for at least four weeks due to a long-term injury and are therefore not taken into account when determining playability. This list is limited to a maximum of five players registered at the same time per club. In addition, the league will join the system of so-called emergency licenses discussed together with DEL and DEB, which makes it possible to license players from the U20 area of ​​the DEB for a limited period of two weeks if there are fewer than 15 players who are playable according to the rules (field players and goalkeepers) in order to Expand roster to 15 available players. Subsequent licensing is supported insofar as the player can return to his “old” license status in the U20 area after the two weeks have elapsed.

Which dates should penguin fans mark in their calendars? In the second home game, the Lausitzer Foxes from Weißwasser are guests. In March 1991, KEV celebrated their return to the Bundesliga against this team. Already on the 6th day of play (October 2nd), the Kassel Huskies, probably the penguins’ fiercest competitor in the fight for promotion, are guests in the Yayla Arena. With a good start, a full hall can be expected. Furthermore, the North Hesse on 28.12. the opponent in the last home game of the year. On the 9th day of the game, EV Landshut, another long-standing competitor from the Bundesliga, will come to Krefeld. The home game against the Ravensburg Towerstars, who are among the top teams in the league, should also be interesting and exciting on All Saints’ Day (November 1). The two home games against Dresden (December 9th and March 5th) also stand out, as the Eislöwen have applied for the DEL license alongside Krefeld and Kassel.

Who are the most important additions to the penguin team? A total of 15 new players came, which is a lot for DEL2 standards. However, there hasn’t been a relegation from the DEL for a long time. The multifunctional Sergey Saveljev managed to bring back three former penguins with plenty of DEL experience in the two defenders Philip Riefers and Pascal Zerressen as well as striker Marcel Müller. The Canadian Keal Mouillierat and his compatriot Zach Magwood are also considered to be key players in attack.

Who are the departures on the Penguins team? A total of 21 players from the 2021/22 DEL squad left the Penguins after relegation. Since only four contingent players can be signed in the DEL2 on the game report and only six in total, the bloodletting was automatically large, since two of Saveljev’s “favorites” in Sergei Belov and Nikita Shatsky had already received a contract. The departures of defender Jesper Jensen Aabo, strikers Jeremy Bracco and Lucas Lessio and goalkeeper Oleg Shilin are particularly painful. The young German quartet Blank/Mass/Volek/Rutkowski couldn’t keep up.

Where are the penguins compared to the other teams? According to a nationwide survey, the penguins have the highest budget in the DEL2 with four million euros, followed by Kassel (3.2) and Landshut (3.0). Selb took last place (2.0). The youngest team with an average age of 23.4 is Weißwasser. Krefeld is in eighth place with 26.0. In terms of average height, Kassel (185.2 cm) leads the table. Krefeld is sixth (184 cm). On average, the huskies are also the heaviest team (88.6 kg). Krefeld is eighth (84.4). The table of players with DEL experience leads the penguins with 4409 games, followed by Landshut (2260) and Bad Nauheim (2184).

What role do the experts trust the penguins? Kassel alone is considered a top favourite. In addition to Landshut, Ravensburg and Dresden, Krefeld is one of the top four candidates. Bad Nauheim, Bayreuth and Heilbronn are expected to be among the top six teams. Play-off aspirants are Crimmitschau, Freiburg and Kaufbeuren. The outsider role is attributed to Weißwasser, Selb and Regensburg.

Where can you see the penguins besides the stadium? The streaming service “Sprade TV” shows every DEL2 game live. However, the sports portal is a paid offer and costs 8.90 euros per game. This is a proud amount that the clubs have agreed with the broadcaster. The clubs want to attract more spectators to the stadium. In view of the long away trips, many KEV fans will use “Sprade TV” if they want to watch their favorites play in foreign arenas. Compared to the previous season, the broadcaster wants to improve the quality of the transmissions. In addition, the league is still striving to take and look after ice hockey fans even better. In the future there will be a newsletter and a dedicated WhatsApp channel. Here, fans of the league can easily and simply ask questions about league topics and will receive an answer promptly.

How much do Penguin home games cost? There are seats for adults from 19 euros (family block) and for up to 38 euros (main grandstand). Children pay between four (family ticket) and 19 euros. In all areas there are two discount levels and a companion card. A box for 10 people (also for larger groups of people) can be booked for a home game from EUR 1,500. For all home games, the box costs 35,000 euros (further information on the Penguins’ homepage).