Krefeld takes the top spot in the “competition”

Climate protection with solar power
Krefeld at the top of the competition ranking

When it comes to climate protection, the city of Krefeld is at the forefront. Growth in installed photovoltaics was evaluated in the ranking.

(RP) More and more citizens of Krefeld are investing in regenerative energies. The municipal support program “climate-friendly living” and the city’s activities are having an impact on the city’s own buildings. This becomes clear in the current ranking of the “competition” in which the city of Krefeld is participating.

In this comparative competition, the growth in installed photovoltaics (solar power) in the participating municipalities is clearly presented. Krefeld currently occupies first place in this ranking among the major cities (as of June 23) – and has thus made a significant leap. Sabine Lauxen, head of the environmental department in Krefeld, says: “We are very pleased with this interim result, because it makes it clear that there is a spirit of optimism in Krefeld when it comes to climate protection. Our municipal funding program is an important contribution and impetus for this. And we as a city are also facing up to this challenge. Regenerative energy on the roof with PV systems is not just an investment for the climate. In times of rising electricity prices, it also makes economic sense to produce electricity on your own roof. Regenerative energy is also a very strong regional economic factor – because many local craft businesses are involved.”

The city has been taking part in the Wadden Sea competition for a year. The start was on June 24, 2021. This was preceded by a corresponding resolution in the Committee for the Environment, Climate, Sustainability and Agriculture on June 9, 2021. The installed PV capacity is recorded continuously. The Germany-wide “competition”, which is supported by the initiatives Fossil Free Karlsruhe, Parents for Future Germany, Fridays for Future Germany and Scientists for Future Germany, started on February 12, 2021. Regardless of whether a municipality joins, the installed one is used as the initial value Performance considered on this date. The more new solar energy output a municipality has installed since February 12, 2021, the higher it will rise in the ranking. he “competition” ends automatically as soon as a city has increased its photovoltaic output by 50 percent or doubled and achieved at least an increase of 200 watt peak (WP) per inhabitant. Watt peak describes the electrical output of solar cells.

Since registration, a consistently positive trend can be seen in the PV growth of the city of Krefeld. At the time of registration, 8.1 WP per inhabitant were registered. Since then, the PV addition has increased to 68.4 WP per inhabitant. In the current ranking of major cities, this means first place out of 45 cities ahead of Paderborn (62.2 WP per inhabitant) and Ulm (55.4 WP per inhabitant). According to the website, however, a large part of the expansion (around 70 percent) is still being examined.

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