Kris Horwang shows off a delicious scene, just one white piece. I made many people.

Still delicious, strong, no lighter For star actress “Chris Horwang” or “Sirin Horwang”, the latest person showing off her sexiness in a bright white one-piece swimsuit. The deep concave show off the ri-ra that was too spicy Which comes with alluring poses Hot by the pool This work tells me that it makes the young people see and cry. Uh huh! I do not believe it. Come and shine on her strike.

For women, Chris entered the entertainment industry at the age of 25 by starting with advertising. Then continue to study dance. She began to learn ballet at the age of five, and then turned to serious professional lessons. Then he became the DJ of Wave 104.5 Fat Radio along with dance lessons at the International School Bangkok (ISB).

And also an emcee for Chic channels during fashion and music He has works for magazine shoots. Performed in a music video As a product presenter, a singer, until in the year 2008 he starred in the first movie, Eim, is dead

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