Krungthai Loan 5 plus. You can borrow 1 million baht. No need for a guarantor. Recently, the bank has clarified

Application documents

1. Copy of ID card

2. Copy of house registration

3. Employee identification card (if any)

4. Original income certificate or the latest salary slip or other original evidence showing reliable income

5. Statement for the past 6 months. If a new customer who receives salary through a Krungthai bank account for less than 6 months, can submit an account used for receiving salary with other banks for consideration.

6. Personal Loan Account Statement or the latest month’s credit card debt or other similar documents if you want to borrow to close the debt

Other conditions as prescribed by the bank For more information, please contact Krungthai Contact Center at 02 111 1111 or any Krung Thai Bank branch.

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