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The scandal surrounding the provocative theatrical production of Norma also affected the journalist.

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Yesterday, at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, the artistic director of which from the end of May has been Konstantin Bogomolov, the premiere of the performance “Norma” took place. Director of the production of the novel of the same name by post-modernist writer Vladimir Sorokin Maxim Didenko. It is worth noting that the plot of the novel, which unfolds in the 80s in the USSR, is very ambiguous.

So, “Norma” tells the story of the life of ordinary Soviet people of different professions, who are united by one common ritual – daily eating of the so-called “norm”, portions of feces compressed by the factory method, which is an inevitable and obligatory duty to the motherland. In addition, there are other equally controversial scenes in the novel, including, for example, homosexual love and intercourse with Russian Land.

The premiere of the provocative performance was accompanied by a scandal. The fact is that a group of Orthodox activists found the performance offensive. Before the premiere, the protesters took to the street near the entrance to the theater, where they showed passers-by a poster with the inscription: “The whole elite flies to the complex direction of Bogomolov and Didenko. Flies are not mistaken. " Then some of the activists entered the auditorium, where they tried to disrupt the production. Right during the theatrical action, one of the religious fans shouted: “And you yourself (further obscene. – Note ed.) have eaten for a long time? ”. Later during the intermission, uninvited guests staged their own performance, starting to sing.

Performance "Norma"

Numerous stars who visited the premiere became eyewitnesses of the scandal, among them Victoria Lopyreva with her lover Igor Bulatov, Evelina Khromchenko, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Alexander Rodnyansky and many others. The hall was also attended by the wife of Bogomolov Ksenia Sobchak. Immediately after the incident, the celebrity publicly supported the director. So, in her Telegram channel, the journalist commented on the incident.

“We watched the wonderful performance of Norma! And even Orthodox activists didn’t stop at the entrance, ”she wrote, publishing a frame from the production (the spelling and punctuation of the author are given hereinafter unchanged. – Note ed.) Today, the journalist spoke in more detail about the events of last night. Ksenia also complained that she herself had become an object for bullying.

“Some shouts from the audience, an attempt to disrupt the performance, it’s all ok, but the first impression is the funniest: I go to the theater, I’m in a hurry, and suddenly a group of people with cameras at the main entrance sees me, and shouting“ Here she is, his wife- shame-shame "literally pounce on me. For a lot of things in my life they have been sheymli, for Dom2 and an interview with Volochkova, but for my husband (!!) and his theater – Never !!! A new and even exciting experience for me. Once again, congratulations to @ konbog75 and @vnuchek on the wonderful opening of the season !!!! ”, Sobchak wrote on her microblog on Instagram. The star also shared a video in which Bogomolov and theater workers tried to pacify activists.

Ksenia Sobchak published footage from the premiere of the performance of the provocative "Norm" (photo gallery: scroll right)

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