Kuba Wojewódzki joked about Jacek Jelonek from “Prince Charming”. Viewers divided

  • The guests of Kuba Wojewódzki in the latest episode of his show were Krzysztof Stanowski and the stars of the “Prince Charming” program – Aggie and Jacek Jelonek
  • When the title “prince” was talking about the working conditions on the reality show, Kuba Wojewódzki interrupted him and said a joke, referring to the sexual orientation of his guest
  • The words spoken by the host were criticized by some viewers, although Kuba Wojewódzki himself claims that there was nothing homophobic about them.
  • After hearing the joke, Krzysztof Stanowski decided that if he said something like that on the Internet, “he would not have life”
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Kuba Wojewódzki hosts many screen stars and celebrities in his author’s talk show. This time he decided to invite to the studio, among others people known from the “Prince Charming” program. His host Aggie and Jacek Jelonek, the title “prince”, who in the show was looking for love and a partner with whom he could build a long-term relationship, sat on the couch. The conversation about an innovative project for Polish television, in which homosexual men are trying to win the heart of the main character of the program, according to an announcement on Kuba Wojewódzki’s Instagram, it was supposed to concern “why we are afraid of gays”.

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It is not known whether the viewers of Kuba Wojewódzki’s talk show received an answer to this question, but it is certain that they heard a joke that caused controversy comparable to those caused by the journalist’s words about Agata Kulesza’s car. The host of the program, hosting Jacek Jelonek, asked him about the challenges he had to face on the set of the “Prince Charming” program.

After a short moment of reflection, the celebrity revealed that he had a tight schedule, and the recordings with him and Aggie took place at independent moments. Kuba Wojewódzki interrupted his statement and made a joke in his characteristic style, referring to the psychosexual orientation of his guest:

The guest of this episode was also Krzysztof Stanowski, known for his uncompromising attitude, who addressed the host as follows: “You are really allowed more. If I had said it on the internet, I wouldn’t have had my life. “

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Kuba Wojewódzki made a joke about homosexual people. Viewers divided

Kuba Wojewódzki’s joke was applauded by Jacek Jelonek and Aggie, but it was not to the liking of a large part of the program viewers, who expressed their embarrassment on the low level of the joke on social media and emphasized that this type of homophobic behavior is not suitable for television in the 21st century and the modern world.

However, Kuba Wojewódzki’s joke was not tasteful and overwhelming for all viewers of his program and Instagram followers. Some of them claimed that he was “right on the point” and, in their opinion, he did not offend anyone, nor did he reinforce negative stereotypes about the entire group of homosexual men.

Kuba Wojewódzki wrote on Instagram that he asked several people about non-heteronormative psychosexual orientation if the joke he presented offended them and, after hearing a negative answer, concluded that the joke was not harmful or defamatory, so people who decide to criticize it in Internet and they call it homophobe, they should … turn on thinking.

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