News Kuban and Kühnert discuss Groko politics

Kuban and Kühnert discuss Groko politics


How can the CDU and SPD continue to exist as classic people's parties? What the results of the recent elections in the state parliaments and in the Bundestag have shown: They are in a deep crisis. This crisis was the subject of a discussion on Monday evening to which the Berlin state CDU had invited to the headquarters at Wittenbergplatz. Two young politicians who could hardly be more different. Kevin Kühnert (SPD) and Tilman Kuban (CDU).

Kühnert, head of the Jusos, Berliner, describes himself as a socialist and can imagine to collectivize companies like BMW. Kühnert is often thoughtful on stage, prefers to talk about community rather than the individual. Next to him: Tilman Kuban from Lower Saxony, head of the Junge Union, likes to talk casually, a conservative who is horrified by the BMW idea and who prefers to cut red tape with digital services and has spoken out in favor of retirement at 70. The hall: overcrowded. Around 200 listeners came, old, young, quite mixed, some persevered in the hallway.

Politics SPD A not so secret star

A not so secret star

For many SPD members, Kevin Kühnert is their party's hope – and is celebrated accordingly. But applause can also be deceptive.By Thomas Jordan

Explain politics with soccer comparisons

Kühnert and Kuban agreed on one thing: the old people's parties, the CDU and SPD, were too little distinguishable today, but above all their policies had been poorly communicated. Kuban spoke of the immigration in 2015. On the one hand, voters were told that there was no money for road construction and toilets in schools. "Then a million people come and suddenly there is money". That triggered a jealous debate, said Kuban. Kühnert partially disagreed: At that time, simply "unsavory" attitudes of people came to light. He found that political terms such as "social market economy" were misused. Dietmar Bartsch uses the term in the pragmatic part of the left just like the FDP leader Christian Linder, but the parties understand it differently.

So explain politics better, also in terms of content, so the tenor. And since there were two on the podium, who like to identify themselves as great sports fans, it didn't take long for one to try to compare the football. One party is an association and the grand coalition "a syndicate from Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04." said Kühnert to cheer the audience. "There you are a fan of a team, half of which you think is great and the other is actually the opponent." And further: "Now they score a goal together, for example the Good Day Care Act." But the joy of it is a bit cloudy, because you don't have success alone. And this effect should not be underestimated. Kuhnert's rejection of the Gorßen coalition is well known.

Goals that both teams cannot really look forward to

Differences between the two were also apparent in the goals: more talk should be made about education, said Kühnert, his core issue remained the provision of general interest and he wanted more state control over the markets. Kuban, on the other hand, is pushing for an administrative reform, relief from real estate tax so that young people can afford condominiums. In climate protection, one must rather rely on hydrogen and synthetic fuels, he decided.

And what about the popular parties? Society is increasingly polarizing, said Kuban, that there are now much stronger external poles on the left (green) and right (AfD), unifying the country, that is what his party has to do. Kühnert expressed it a little more directly: A party had to come up with "at least ten, 15 percent" in order to be able to call itself the People's Party. Anything else would be "a bit laughable in the long run". In the latest federal election, the SPD had its worst election result with 20.5 percent. In Thuringia, the Social Democrats came to 8.2 percent.

Longing for "More Sauerland"

The candidate for chancellor should be decided by primary election: The JU is standing against Kramp-Karrenbauer with this demand. And celebrates Merz, a native of Sauerland, at the Germany Day.By Philipp Bovermann

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