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In this article, we will discuss information about the Kujira project and the KUJI token. What is Kujira (KUJI) | What is the Kujira token? What is the KUJI token?

What is Kujira?

Kujira vows to level the playing field in decentralized finance by creating dApps for regular crypto users.

We are a team of finance, blockchain and software development experts with a specific focus on the areas of DeFi typically reserved for “techies” or elites (people with access to bots or big capital).


We believe that what is truly revolutionary for DeFi should be the ability to generate income when the market goes up AND when the market goes down. We are committed to helping retail investors go beyond trading, betting and ICO to open up opportunities once reserved for the whales and the elite.


Build tools that are easy and profitable to use for everyone from the crypto enthusiast to the seasoned retail investor, whatever their chain of choice, without having to risk more than they can afford to lose.

Introducing ORCA

Kujira launches the first dApp in our product suite, ORCA. An affordable, easy-to-use platform to bid on discounted and jeopardized guarantees land at the click of a button. No bots, no code, no hassle

Users no longer need large amounts of liquidity or programming skills to participate in liquidations with smart contracts. And most importantly, there is no longer a need to fight a losing battle against bots.

Why do people apply for loans?

Using your existing tokens to borrow on the blockchain has become very popular with the rise of DeFi. Users request loans against the value of their collateral, which they can participate in. GONE, save in high APY liquidity pools and trade the market without having to liquidate your existing holdings. This is especially true in a bull market when token prices are rising.

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Anchor currently allows users to link their tokens Moon (bLuna) and Ether (bETH) as collateral and borrow up to 60% of their collateral value. With more assets on the horizon, the potential gains for ORCA users will surely increase.

Why are loans paid off?

In order to regulate the market and keep DeFi loans safe, loans need to be liquidated when they are undercollateralised. Market forces are reducing the value of collateral and borrowers do not have the liquidity to re-collateralize their loans.

If the LTV (loan to value) of a loan exceeds 60%, the loan is liquidated and the collateral (collateral) is added to the liquidation agreement where it is distributed among the bidders at a discounted mark-up.

This is how ORCA works

Realized collateral will no longer sell faster, a system that historically favored bots with high liquidity. Assets are now sold from lowest to highest premium and split evenly among all bidders at the same discount rate.

ORCA allows users to bid at any premium rate and with any amount of UST they have available for the next settlements.

ORCA offers a fire-and-forget strategy; Make offers with select rewards and move on. The dApp does the rest, including post-processing returns if the user requests it

The most important thing is that the bots no longer have an advantage

Is ORCA an insolvency practitioner?

The new anchor contract no longer obliges the user to pay off individual loans. However, the function in smart contract has yet to be called to repay undercollateralized loans so the collateral can be sold.

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There is no interface to call this function through ORCA. Instead, Kujira monitors credits in real-time to invoke this feature to complete deals.

We use the income to call this function to maintain a balance in the liquidity fund of $KUJI-UST and buy $KUJI. This is issued to our community as a reward and airdropped to settled borrowers as compensation for their loss (and as an incentive to protect themselves against their next loan).

$ KUJI-Token

All dApps in our suite benefit from using $KUJI, either by sharing or participating.

Ein Utility-Token:

By paying our fees in KUJI dollars, users receive discounts ranging from 50% to 90% of the value of UST.

Wagering Rewards:

Users who deposit into our $KUJI-UST liquidity pool will receive $KUJI at a %APY (automatic compounding) set daily.

Financing stability:

ORCA has two ongoing sources of income: UST for fees incurred in executing settlements and KUJI dollars for user withdrawals. These funds flow directly into the liquidity pool to support the price stability of the token.

How to buy Kujira (KUJI) tokens?

First step to buy Kujira (KUJI) Token: Download Terra Station Wallet and buy LUNA Token.

kaufen Kujira (KUJI)-TokenWe must buy LUNA token and also have the wallet Terra Station and for this in CryptoshitBuy we have these two tutorials:

Second step to buy Kujira (KUJI)-Token: Buy KUJI tokens on TerraSwap.

To buy KUJI we must go to the following link: TerraSwap

Next we look for KUJI and We select the following contract from the list that comes out:

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Kujira (KUJI)-TokenKujira (KUJI)-Token

After selection, we connect our Terra Wallet and stake the amount of LUNA tokens to be exchanged for KUJI tokens and give SWAP.

Kujira (KUJI)-TokenKujira (KUJI)-Token