Kuo Weichun: Taiwan’s “Weightlifting Goddess” won the Tokyo Olympic gold medal, breaks the Olympic record and wants to fight again-BBC News

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Taiwan weightlifter Guo Weichun, in the women’s 59 kg weight class at the Tokyo Olympics today, broke the Olympic record with a clean and jerk of 133 kg, a snatch of 103 kg, and a total of 236 kg, winning the first gold medal for the Chinese Taipei team in this Olympics. This is also the first gold medal Guo has won since participating in the three Olympic Games.

The news of Guo Weichun’s Olympic gold medal has aroused heated discussion in Taiwan. Although she had been regarded by the media as a gold medal winner in the competition before the competition, all walks of life in Taiwan were still very excited about her final victory. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen posted a post on social media Instragm to congratulate Guo Weichun for winning Taiwan’s first gold in the Tokyo Olympics: “This’Nian Nian’ trying to exceed ourselves and break the limit really moves us… We are all proud of you! Taiwanese people will always remember this day!” Taiwan’s Vice President Lai Qingde and Executive Yuan Su Zhenchang both wrote to congratulate Guo Weichun for his achievements. Her family members in the eastern part of Taiwan also set off firecrackers (fireworks) outside their homes to celebrate.

Since the start of the Eastern Olympics, Taiwan has accumulated 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. This is Taiwan’s best performance since the previous Olympic Games.

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Although he failed to hit the 141 kg clean and jerk world record in his last move, Guo Weichun still won his first Olympic gold medal by a relatively large advantage.

“Not very happy” after winning the gold

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