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Kurtenbach: What we learned in the Warriors convinces the Timberwolves

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The warriors have now won seven games in a row and brought their record in Oracle Arena to 5-0 after beating the Minnesota Timberwolves 116-99.

Kevin Durant scored 33 points in the match to score all goals, while Stephen Curry scored 28 points after scoring five points for the second time this season.

We learned the following from the profit:

The defense of Draymond Green is on a different level

Draymond Green always fills a boxing score, but the crucial point of his impact on the game on Friday night has not been found in his impressive, almost triple, double statistic line on Friday.

But you can see it in the Minnesota Timberwolves numbers.

You can see it at the 12 points the Timberwolves set up on Friday in the fourth quarter. And you can see it in the night of Karl Anthony Towns too. He had 13 points in 38 percent shooting.

Simply put, Green was against the Timberwolves everywhere – for a second straight game he played with a playoff intensity against the defense and changed the impression that the Warriors have won three titles in four years.

Green was looking for the Defensive Player of the Year Award this season – he was annoyed that he had not formed the first NBA All-Defensive team last year (though I believe that was justified).

He wants to prove a point.

He has played ten games, but he may be able to rest his case.

Even in this insane era of the offensive, there are still some truly elite defenders. But no one can do what Draymond Green can do.

Kawhi Leonard can defend anyone on the wing, but he can not shut Towns off like Green on Friday.

And although Rudy Gobert is an elite rimsguard, he does not pinch Andrew Wiggins in a pinch or forces a point guard to make an early pass because he just can not avoid him.

Nobody would characterize Green's body as an elite, but do not make a mistake, in the modern NBA he's a prototype. He is not too tall, not too small, with long arms and active feet. A few years ago, coach and scout Green saw and had no idea what he was – it turned out to be the future.

And that does not even apply to his amazing – perhaps incomparable – basketball IQ.

Green is doing things I've never seen in another defender – you can not be both Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman …

And when it's time to win, he's just as powerful as Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant – he's obviously on the defensive end.

And on Friday he showed everyone how effective he can be.

It's really something for the next level.

Alfonzo McKinnie is not a fad

Since the previous season I call Alfonzo McKinnie, the reserve striker of Warriors, "the homeless Andre Iguodala".

McKinnie plays with a solid, professional attitude and can handle so many little things that it's hard not to see Iguodala in his game.

But the thought was that he is not the poor man. He's only a bit lower than that – the 2015 NBA MVP is 12 times more than McKinnie.

I have to re-evaluate this admittedly awful and probably inadvertently pejorative nickname.

Not only was McKinnie fantastic on Friday night, he also went out and scored Iguodala's minutes in the fourth quarter of a pretty close game (at least for a while).

This guy does not go away. McKinnie is not a feel-good story of the early season that will be forgotten in a few weeks. This is not a fad.

McKinnie is now arguably the most important player on Warriorsbank – a true 3-and-D-wing option that also represents a prolific rebounder.

It is this 3-point shot that is the most intriguing. McKinnie's professionalism on the defensive side was never doubtful – the Warriors coaches could rest assured that he made good, hectic changes in the preseason – but with all the minutes McKinnie plays, he also gets a lot of candid looks at the tire – after all he plays for the Warriors.

And he not only kills those shots – he does not hesitate to get up and shoot for a second.

McKinnie has tried 12 3-pointers in the last five games. Not only did all the recordings look solid, eight of them went in.

Through 10 games, McKinnie has a net rating of 20.8. This is the fourth best grade of a regular NBA rotation player. He has already exceeded his expected value.

By the way, No. 1 in this net ranking? Memphis wing Omri Casspi.

What a time to live.

Klay Thompson is the ultimate glue?

It was expected that the first 10 games of the Warriors season would be an emotional outburst – Warriors coach Steve Kerr would be weird and experiment with various lineups, especially with the bench, to find the right combinations after a turbulent game ( according to the standards of the warriors) Offseason.

Maybe this season has started this way, but in game 11 it seems like the turns are more or less set.

When Shaun Livingston returns, the Warriors will have five bankers-he, Iguodala, Kevon Looney, Jonas Jerebko, and McKinnie-who could be considered reliable on a night-night basis.

There is only one placeholder – the big man Jordan Bell – whom Kerr likes to use in situations where the team needs an energy boost.

The roles are clear – the lists are relatively fixed. We have just come to November.

What a crazy luxury.

However, many of these roles insist that the "second units" be consistently evaluated.

And most of the time this burden falls on Klay Thompson.

Kerr wants Thompson to be the offensive anchor of the second unit. That was exactly what he was in the fourth quarter: he scored eight points in the first two minutes to break away from the wolves.

The first three quarters of the Warriors did not really work, but on the fourth Friday everyone got together. Golden State can turn this script over, as Thompson is the ultimate Gap Bridger, they do not have to play many quarters this season.



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