Kuwait..A military execution by the “Interior Ministry” for committing a heinous crime • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Kuwaiti Criminal Court has sentenced a soldier working in the Ministry of the Interior to death, accused of suffocating a Bidoon youth in Barr Al-Jule’a, and ordered that the civil case be referred to the competent court.

In the details, the accused admitted in the investigations that he committed the crime because of an argument and disagreements between him and the victim, who was found to have been released from the central prison weeks before committing the incident, where he was sentenced to 15 years and was released with a pardon after spending 10 years.

The defense of the heirs of the victim was present, lawyers Abdul-Mohsen Al-Qattan and Fahd Al-Hadiya, who confirmed the availability of the elements of the crime of premeditated murder against the accused, the availability of the material element and the criminal intent of the crime, and the presence of the crime of premeditated murder associated with premeditation and surveillance against the accused, which entails the court modifying the description of the charge of premeditated murder assigned to him. By adding an aggravating premeditated envelope for the crime of premeditated murder, they also claimed a civil amount of 5,001 dinars as a way of temporary civil compensation.