Kuwait .. Suspicion of a veiled woman practicing beggary .. And after her arrest, the surprise was!

Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti detectives were able to arrest a chemistry teacher who has been working at the Ministry of Education in Kuwait for 18 years, on charges of professional begging.

In the details of the case, which shocked the detectives, a 50-year-old Arab teacher was arrested on charges of beggary, who was deported from the country last weekend.

According to a security source, the detectives received a report about a beggar who hides her facial features and wears suspicious clothes, while begging near a mosque. .

Detective shock

The source added that the detectives were shocked when they learned that the accused works as a chemistry teacher in the Ministry of Education, and that her service period in the Ministry reaches 18 years, and that her husband is a teacher at the Ministry of Education as well, and their children study in a government school.

The source explained that the accused stated during the interrogation that she was going through special family circumstances and a financial crisis, but the investigations revealed the falseness of her allegations, as it was found that she is well-off, at the head of her work, and has property and real estate in her home, and that she has professionalized the profession of begging, especially in the holy month of Ramadan, to increase her monthly income. .

Deported from the country

The source pointed out that the detectives refused all the “intermediaries” to release the accused, and insisted on holding her in the police department, and submitted a letter to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Lieutenant-General Anwar Al-Barjas, requesting her deportation from the country for the public interest, where she was referred to the deportation prison, and then deported to her home country last weekend.

The source indicated that her husband, who is an Islamic education teacher, was summoned and given a two-week period until the end of the school year to arrange his conditions before deporting him and his children to their countries.