Kuwait .. The Ministry of Interior decides to deport the “Iranian instigator”

On Thursday, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior decided to deport an Iranian person who appeared in a video clip inciting violence.

And the Council’s account, in a post on Twitter, on Wednesday, which included a picture of the person without mentioning his name, stated that “the Ministry of Interior stigmatizes and banishes (…) the Iranian instigator of murder and inciting sectarian strife.”

He added that he was deported on a “plane to Tehran,” stressing that the ministry “banned him from entering Kuwait for life.”

A statement issued by the security media, and published by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, on Tuesday, stated that “a resident who incited to murder and inciting sectarian strife was arrested.”

The General Department of Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior said that “the resident instigated the murder through his own account on a social media program.”

And she confirmed that “the concerned security authorities, immediately after monitoring the video clip, arrested the accused (…) and took the necessary legal measures against him.”

Al-Rai website stated, on Wednesday, that “24 hours after his incitement to murder and incite sectarian strife, until the Ministry of Interior arrested an Iranian resident, confronted him with the inciting video clip, and took all his confessions.”

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Opinion sources confirmed that “a decision was issued to deport him (…) and that the accused confessed to threatening him,” without giving further details.