Kuwaiti media attacking Najla Fathi with offensive words after the publication of her image … and an Egyptian artist defends her


Kuwaiti journalist and writer Fajr al-Said attacked Najla Fathi because of the publication of a recent photograph of the latter, in which she appeared wearing a hat on her head and signs of aging and aging on her face. Fajr Al-Saeed criticized Najla Fathi and wrote on her Facebook page: “Dear Najla Fathi .. The Legend of Beauty in the Seventies Advice from the Heart of the Blach, so that you can photograph at this stage of your life and invite the audience to live on your old picture .. Or ask your colleagues how they kept On their beauty and follow their advice and return to appear block close to the past but your current life .. Mervat Amin of your generation is still very beautiful .. Nadia soldier is still beautiful .. And others. ” “Even Enas Al-Deghidi, who is imaginative with you, is still maintaining her brilliance at her current age. From the heart of a love that has lived for years on your films, I do not want to see you so I can still live on your former beauty.” The Egyptian artist, Salah Abdullah, sent a letter to Fathi in response to the attack. He wrote: “Affected by what the dear lady and dear friend wrote to the dawn of happiness about our successors Najla Fathi and Baladik Fatima Al-Zahra. I strongly hope not to overdo it. A message from the imagination of each Belle made by the age of Matkhavish Mtljim wrinkles Tkter increase the importance of wrinkles and the importance of wrinkles prefer a distance from the heart and conscience. He added: “I say violin: lips of yourself in the mirrors Yali Kanti Time of my story and my concern for my lips and my time for the time of the time I learned the flag but I saw the pain of Hanan Eineki bowed very well and was your beauty Zmawan .. Kathyyyair Deloitte Enti Yahbibti the most beautiful of the most beautiful .. The most dangerous and all the wrinkles. Al-Saeed was subjected to a large wave of criticism from the audience of Najla Fathi who criticized her and defended their beloved star, which prompted the dawn of the happy to respond to them and wrote: “It is not necessary to Rayi admire or consistent with your views … Important I say my opinion freely .. With your hobby became free and if the opposite or hurt your friends became a denier !, from my point of evil is harmful to the homeland and Masawi homeland is the freedom of my opinion, even if it is a scourge … Yama and I received Komntat all Sfalh and a few literature did not complain and did not read and read the intentions of readers .. I know that the death dies with time and the free opinion remains a long – lived I am wounded from my opinion .. This is the amount of putting himself under the lights will not gather people to support him and applause to him there must be someone who disagrees with him or does not like his opinion.


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