Kuwaiti Prime Minister announces acceptance of donations from friendly and brotherly countries to improve governorate services

Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled issued a decision to accept gifts and donations to the governorates and dispose of them.

The decision stated that the governor may accept gifts and donations from individuals and Kuwaiti governmental and non-governmental agencies, or those affiliated with sisterly or friendly countries, with the aim of establishing or developing projects, or improving services within the governorate.

The decision stipulated that donations and gifts be in cash or in kind, so that their acceptance is required: Not to prejudice the unity and sovereignty of the state and the stability of society. And that the goal of the donation is legitimate, and does not violate public order and does not contradict Islamic values. The donor or donor does not obtain any advantages or priorities in obtaining the services provided by the governorate.

The resolution authorized the donor to request allocating the value of the donations provided by him or part of it to spend on a specific project or service within the scope of the governorate. services, according to Al-Qabas newspaper.

The decision stated that cash donations are included in the appropriations of each governorate within the governorates affairs program in the budget of the Council of Ministers.