Kyiv was hit by rockets. Ukraine reports successful Russian intervention in Donbas – CT24 – Czech Television

Adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior Anton Herashchenko on Twitter he wrote that a Russian citizen was among the injured. “The woman the rescuers pulled out of the rubble is Russia. Is in hospital. The Russians are shooting the Russians, “he said.

A total of seventy firefighters intervened on the spot. The soldiers collected individual pieces of the rocket, which will now go to the prosecutor’s office for further investigation.

Attack from the Caspian Sea

According to the Russian BBC server, probably six missiles were fired at Kyiv in the morning, two of which were shot down by the air defense. Later in the morning, news agencies reported without further details the other two explosions in Kiev.

Russia shelled Kyiv from the Caspian Sea with high-precision Ch-101 missiles, Unian reported, referring to Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuri Ignat. According to him, Moscow used the most accurate and most expensive missiles in its arsenal, which have a range of up to 5,500 kilometers.

The Shevchenko district, one of central Kiev, has a number of universities, restaurants and galleries. According to the rapporteur, however, there are also strategic objects, which makes the area one of the targets of Russian aggressors.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the target of the attack was the Kiev armory and that reports of a hit on residential buildings were false. “We have repeatedly heard from the Russians that this is a war against military targets. At the same time, they are destroying residential buildings every day, “said Kličko.

However, people are trying to live their ordinary lives. “They take it very humbly. The difference is whether you are talking to people from the Shevchenko district, which has been the target of repeated raids, or from the south of Kiev, who have not experienced the attacks much. However, many of them claim that they have been at war for eight years and it is not possible to live in a war regime for so long, moreover in a metropolis of three million. Most people go to work, to restaurants, they live normally. They take the sounds of flying rockets as a sad reality, “the reporter described.

Until July 3 in Kiev, a night curfew is valid from 11 pm to 5 am.

Attack on Kyiv before the G7 summit

“It simply came to our notice then. Even though the missiles have not hit Kyiv for several weeks, it is not safe anywhere, “said Tomáš Řepa from the University of Defense about the attack on the Ukrainian capital.

According to him, it may also be a symbolic step of Russia due to the beginning of the G7 summit. “It could be pressure on the G7 states or a show of strength and further escalation. But I don’t think the Russians will have much of the ‘smarter’ missiles anymore. However, any place in Ukraine can still be affected, “Řepa added on ČT24.

“According to many security sources, this may be an indirect message to the upcoming G7 summit in Germany and the upcoming NATO meeting in Madrid, where Ukraine will undoubtedly be the main topic,” confirmed Shilhan. He added that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will also take part in the event.

Shilhan pointed out that it may also be Russia’s reaction to the fact that Western countries have begun to supply Ukraine with some more advanced weapons systems, including missile ones. “It can also be a new impulse, or an attempt at a new impulse, after four months of war,” he added.

Sanctions must be more aggressive, sounds from Ukraine

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said after Sunday’s attacks on Kyiv that the G7 countries must respond by imposing further sanctions on Russia and providing heavy weapons to Ukraine.

“This seven-year-old Ukrainian child slept peacefully in Kiev until a Russian missile exploded in his house. Many others across Ukraine are under blows. The G7 summit must respond with further sanctions against Russia and other heavy weapons for Ukraine, “Kuleba said on Twitter in a photo of a child rescued from the rubble of a Kiev house.

According to the head of the office of Ukrainian President Andrei Yermak, Sunday’s attack on Kyiv showed that sanctions against Russia must be much more aggressive and must also include an embargo on natural gas. “The G7 summit should respond to the Russian attacks on Kyiv. The embargo on gold exports is good, but the new EU sanctions package should include a gas embargo, “Jermak wrote on the Telegram.

Most G7 countries have already announced that it will ban gold imports from Russia. “Sanctions against Russia are not enough. We need more military aid for Ukraine. Air systems, modern equipment that our partners have, should not be in training grounds and warehouses, but in Ukraine, where we now need them. More than anywhere else in the world, “said Zelensky.

An air alarm was sounded at night in a number of other places in Ukraine, especially in the east. Kharkov was shelled again at night, according to the Ukrinform agency, the missiles hit the industrial district. Lysychansk also faced intense shelling, the television tower was destroyed and the road bridge was severely damaged.

Two Russian missiles also landed on Sunday in the Central Ukrainian city of Cherkasy. “There were two strikes near the regional center. One dead and five wounded. Infrastructure damaged, “wrote local representative Ihor Taburec in the Telegram application.

Russia’s defense ministry on Sunday announced attacks on Ukrainian military training centers in the Chernihiv, Zhytomyr and Lviv regions.


Tough fighting continues in Donbas. The Ukrainian General Staff reports that it inflicted heavy losses on the Russians near Pavlovka in the direction from Bachmut and thwarted the advance on Slovyansk.

According to him, Russia is trying to block Lysychansk. There, the defenders retreated after Thursday’s fall in Severodonetsk, which had been fought for months.

Houses for refugees

The city of Kropyvnytskyi in the Kirovohrad region in central Ukraine plans to build at least twenty new houses for at least two thousand domestic refugees. Since the beginning of the war, over 150,000 refugees have come to the city, which had about 220,000 inhabitants at the turn of the year. More than eighty thousand remain there for permanent residence. More than two thirds of them are children. Six thousand people came from the city of Mariupol, occupied by the Russian army. The mayor of Kropyvnytsky, Andriy Rajkovych, told a collaborator of the Czech Television, Viktoria Cerkunkova.

According to him, when the houses will be finished depends on when the government sets the beginning of construction. “Because all financial resources are currently being used for the front and the victory,” he said. However, according to him, the construction program is ready. “So far, we are building hostels and looking for ways to move people, for example, from sports halls, schools and kindergartens to more affordable accommodation,” he said.

We will get back all the cities, Zelensky promised

In a night video, Zelensky promised his compatriots that Ukraine would try to regain all the cities occupied by Russia. He explicitly mentioned the city of Severodonetsk, which on Saturday, four months after the start of the Russian invasion, was completely controlled by Russian troops.

Kyiv and Moscow confirmed on Saturday that Severodonetsk was under the rule of the occupying forces, but Zeleny’s adviser Oleksiy Arestovych said in the evening that there were still Ukrainian special forces in the city leading artillery fire against the Russians. “In other words, we cannot say that the troops were completely withdrawn from Severodonetsk,” he said. Ninety percent of the city is destroyed after weeks of very heavy fighting.

On Saturday alone, according to Zelenský, Russia shelled the territory of Ukraine with a total of 45 missiles, according to him it again claimed casualties. According to the Ukrainian command, three people died and four others were injured in the attack on the city of Sarna in the northwest of the country, the DPA wrote.

Shoigu visited Russian troops in Ukraine

On Sunday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the command posts of the Russian army in the occupied areas of Ukraine and heard reports on the situation. He was said to be interested in the living conditions of deployed soldiers, some of whom he honored.

“The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Army General Sergei Shoigu, has inspected a Russian grouping of troops involved in a special military operation in Ukraine. At the command posts of Russian troops, Shoigu heard reports from commanders about the current situation and procedures of the Russian armed forces in the main operational areas, “the Ministry of Defense said in a statement, according to Russian agencies.

Russia describes its aggression against Ukraine exclusively as a “special military operation.”